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Vodafone Hungary’s company history - - About us - Vodafone Hungary

Vodafone Hungary’s company history

Webes tartalom megjelenítése Webes tartalom megjelenítése

June 15 Vodafone offers top category own-branded headsets for the first time in Hungary
In the newly opened downtown shop of Vodafone, four new own-branded smartphones go on sale, including Smart Ultra 7, a handset offering uniquely smart features, Smart Platinum 7 and Vodafone's own-developed VR glasses.
June 3 Vodafone Hungary enters the market of corporate fixed-line data services
Similarly to residential customers, corporate customers also increasingly aim to access telecommunications services in the most convenient, i.e. tailor-made manner, involving as few operators as possible. Through its new, Fixed Connectivity services, Vodafone will now be able to offer all that – announced István Király, Deputy CEO and Director of Enterprise Business Unit.
June 1 Vodafone Red Mozi celebrates its 1st birthday
The Oscar-winning film, Son of Saul, becomes the most successful film in the 1-year history of Vodafone Red Mozi – announces Vodafone Hungary.
May 27 Thanks to Vodafone, the highest viewing tower in Hungary re-opens to visitors
The Petőfi viewing tower, perched on the top of Hill Bálvány, is re-opened to visitors, announces Vodafone, after getting the viewing tower, which was previously closed for years due to a rather bad state of repair, renovated in co-operation with the Heves County Disaster Management Directorate.
May 18 is launched
Vodafone Hungary launches the on-line magazine, with the opening of Miklós Kiss's exhibition titled ‘Emoji Ballroom' and a round-table discussion centred around the topic of family Internet usage. The purpose of the website aimed at families is to provide easy-to-understand answers to issues that come up day-by-day whilst surfing the net, offering useful advice and solution tips for parents and children surfing the net together.
May 13 Schoolchildren participating in the Digital School Programme vote in Parliament
As part of the Vodafone Digital School Programme, the company hosts 250 schoolchildren at a full-day trip to Budapest. The children, who arrive from many distant places in the countryside, with many never have visited the capital before, first participate in a sightseeing trip on a boat on the River Danube, followed by a visit to the Parliament building, where Vodafone volunteers ask them to participate in an extraordinary round of voting.
May 4 The Vodafone Instant Schools Programme can change the lives of millions
Vodafone Group and the Vodafone Foundation announce the launching of ‘Instant Schools for Africa', its most comprehensive humanitarian programme to this day. Starting from the autumn of 2016, the project will provide free access to millions of young people in the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania to Internet-based curricula developed in co-operation with ‘Learning Equality', a market-leading non-profit teaching technology operator.
April 26 New smartphones for summer globetrotting
Vodafone offers numerous new smartphones to everyone who would like to benefit from one of the new price plans introduced on April 1 and available across the whole territory of the European Union subject to the same conditions as in Hungary, without any roaming charges, with new phones available from as little as 1 HUF.
April 22 Vodafone sets up a Digital Library
On the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death the very first pieces written by Shakespeare, also the most difficult ones to access, are made available to the general public, thanks to Vodafone and the British Library, via a platform containing virtual shelves, in the so-called Vodafone Digital Library.
April 20 4G without borders
The subscribers of Vodafone Hungary can use local 4G networks in 71 countries world-wide, allowing them to enjoy truly fast Internet services in significantly more locations than the subscribers of domestic competitors, who can do the same in 43 and 23 countries, respectively.
April 6 Thanks to Vodafone, inhabitants of the refugee camp in Kenya can study via a video link.
April 1 Free of roaming charges across the EU
Vodafone abolishes EU roaming charges for all new post-paid customers, meaning that subscribers can use their phones as if they were at home.
March 23 Over 6 thousand schoolchildren participate in the Vodafone Digital School initiative
Teachers and pupils from eight schools in Csongrád County receive a total of 600 tablets. This concludes the first stage of the Vodafone Digital School Programme. Under the programme involving 25 schools nation-wide, the company hands over a total of 1300 Vodafone Tab Speed LTE tablets to schools, and continues to provide a monthly data allowance of 3GB free of charge, sufficient for operating the devices for educational purposes, and also funds the Internet security training of the more than 6400 children involved, as well as close to 700 teachers.
March 21 4G replaces ADSL
Vodafone launches a new Internet service in Hungary under the name of HomeNet, aimed primarily at the more than half a million households living in locations where ADSL is the only fixed-line service technology available.
8 March Vodafone's ambulance taxi can save the lives of thousands of women and children in Tanzania every year.
The Vodafone Foundation launches a pioneering ‘ambulance taxi' service in Tanzania. It is expected that this service can save the lives of 2700 pregnant mothers and children living in the countryside.
8 March Vodafone's most touching good deed so far – Knowledge store in the rehabilitation of children and young people unable to speak or move.
At the year 2016 award ceremony of the ‘3 Good Deeds' application's ‘Most Touching Good Deed' category, Vodafone Hungary wins the Jury's Special Award for its programme titled ‘Knowledge Store in the Rehabilitation of Children and Young People Unable to Speak or Move'. The knowledge store aims to call on ICT and mobile technology to facilitate communication, learning or even working for children and young people who are unable to speak or move.
26 February After cinemas, Vodafone is the first operator to offer the ‘Son of Saul'.
After cinema-goers, the subscribers of Vodafone Red Mozi are the first to gain access to the ‘Son of Saul'. The Oscar-winning Hungarian film is on offer as part of Vodafone's Red Mozi service from April 1st. Subscribers to this movie service can view his film until the end of May.
22 February The Vodafone Foundation introduces a novel solution in Barcelona, which can ease the lives of thousands of refugees.
On February 22, 2016, the international Vodafone Foundation introduces ‘Instant Charge', its portable outdoor mobile charger capable of charging over 60 handsets at a time, in Barcelona, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) exhibition.
10 February ReadyPay – the mobile card acceptance solution
The Vodafone ReadyPay service is launched jointly with OTP Bank, acting as the financial service provider, and the Hungarian subsidiary of Ingenico Group of France, a world-wide leader on the market of card reader terminals and secure transactions. MasterCard also contributes to establishing this service.
3 February Vodafone's customers are the most satisfied
One of the best ways to express customer satisfaction is the so-called NPS (Net Promoter Score) ratio, which is an index calculated from the gap between those who would recommend the company's services as opposed to those who would not. The NPS value measured in the April 1 to September 30, 2015 period shows that significantly more post-paid and Red Vodafone customers would recommend the company's services to their acquaintances and friends than customers from competitor companies.
4 January On New Year's eve, on-line messages remain the most popular choice with Vodafone customers.
Similarly to the Christmas period, on New Year's eve more and more people use various net-based platforms to send their best wishes. This results in significantly higher data traffic, a close to stable number of traditional calls, and a 3.5% drop in text (SMS) messages year-on-year.
28 December Vodafone's data traffic sees significant growth over Christmas
In the days between December 24 and 26, 2015, many send greetings to their acquaintances, family and friends in the traditional way, on top of the millions of Internet messages sent using smartphones and tablets. In the Christmas period, Vodafone's customers send 89 thousand MMS and 6.7 million SMS messages, also initiating 9.4 million calls.
21 December 300 underprivileged small children and an unusual Christmas celebration
Vodafone's volunteers celebrate Christmas with close to 300 underprivileged small children in Bálna. Unusually, this time children not only receive, but also give presents. In exchange for the Christmas surprise packages, they sketch beautiful drawings for the volunteers.
10 December The Vodafone Digital School Programme changes the lives of thousands of underprivileged schoolchildren for the better.
Vodafone launches a wide-ranging programme to improve the digital skills of underprivileged young people, and encourage the digital transformation of education in Hungary. The co-operation agreement initiated by Vodafone is jointly signed by the Ministry of Human Capabilities (EMMI), the Klebelsberg Institutional Maintenance Centre (KLIK), the ‘For the Schoolchildren of Hejőkeresztúr Foundation', which operates the Complex Instruction Programme (CIP) in Hungary, as well as Vodafone Hungary and the Vodafone Hungary Foundation.
1 December Thanks to an initiative by Vodafone and the National Theatre of Miskolc, Joulupukki, the real Finnish Santa Claus gives gifts to several hundreds of underprivileged children in Miskolc.
23 November Electronic contracting at Vodafone
Vodafone Hungary fully switches to electronic contracting, allowing the company to close new contracts or extend or amend existing ones much faster and in a much more environmentally friendly way than before.
11 November The latest HTC top model arrives in Vodafone
HTC One A9, the latest HTC top model, which is the first Marshmallow HTC smartphone in Hungary; i.e. the first handset to run Android 6.0, the most recent version of this op system, is now on offer by Vodafone Hungary.
19 November Families in focus – research by Vodafone about the Internet and mobile phone usage of families
A recent survey by Vodafone shows that there is clear demand for services that fit the needs of the whole family, such as the recently launched Vodafone Family package.
29 October Future managers are helped by the co-operation between Corvinus and Vodafone.
The Vodafone Auditorium is inaugurated at the Budapest Corvinus University, as a result of co-operation between the two parties.
21 October 5 000 children are touched by the programme of Szilvia Agárdi, Full-Time Angel.
Over a period of one year more than 5 000 children and young people from 30 schools participate in the sensitising performances held nation-wide by partially sighted singer Szilvia Agárdi.
19 October Discounted Vodafone Family packages for 4 now available from as little as 6 880 HUF.
With Vodafone's new Vodafone Family packages junior and senior family members can communicate with each other in Hungary free of charge by choosing the price plans most suitable for the family, from as little as 6 880 HUF/month – announces Vodafone.
15 October The serial production of Velotrack M2M bicycles starts.
Soon the serial production of bicycles using Vodafone M2M technology and fitted with Velotrack security systems will start - announced Csaba Antal, Head of Business Development at Hargamon Kft., the owner of the Velotrack project.
5 October Budapest metro lines achieve full 4G coverage.
‘After Vodafone achieved 99% 4G coverage across Budapest, from now on Budapest metro lines can also enjoy full 4G coverage' - announced Diego Massidda, CEO of Vodafone Hungary.
2 October Another award is granted for the co-operation between the Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the Cserhát Rescue Dog Association.
At the award-giving ceremony of the Social Investments Award held on October 1, the ‘Vodafone for finding missing people' programme wins the Hungarian Donation Forum's (MAF) Joint Value Creation Special Award.
1 October Roaming: Growing data traffic at domestic prices – in more and more countries.
As of October 1, Vodafone Hungary extends the number of countries that are possible to visit with the World Daily Ticket introduced in the spring by 14 to 36, and announces that its customers can now use 4G services in a roaming environment on at least one local network in 54 countries.
28 September In Hungary Vodafone also launches its international #BeStrong anti-bullying Internet emoji campaign.
25 September Vodafone in the service of people living with disabilities: special discounts offered on handsets on the World Deaf Day.
On the World Deaf Day, the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ), which has over 14 thousand members, and Vodafone Hungary announce the extension of their fleet agreement, which allows the deaf and the hard of hearing, the third largest language minority in Hungary, to exploit the benefits of mobile communication to the full.
23 September A knowledge base, which is unique even in an international context, becomes available thanks to Vodafone's Full-Time Angel.
ICT and mobile technology can open up the world for children unable to move or speak; allowing them to communicate, learn, and, later in life, even work. Brigitta Miksztai-Réthey, Full-Time Angel at Vodafone was the first in Hungary to devise development games and learning aids required to learn the usage of mobile devices.
17 September The Roma of Bagi are building a lawful and responsible life with a Full-Time Angel.
Over the past year, close to 50% of the inhabitants of Bagi's Roma community have joined the Law Clinic Programme, which aims to support the social integration of Roma society. Under the project supported by the Vodafone Hungary Foundation, 40 law students give free legal advice to 200 Romas in over 100 matters, who decided to actively participate in the eradication of ‘lawlessness' and take a step on the road towards a responsible lifestyle.
16 September Call+: world-first messaging and dial-in application offered by Vodafone
After the recent announcement of numerous new handsets, app stores are now also offering Call+, Vodafone's internally developed, free application which makes communication easier – announced the operator.
11 September 99% 4G coverage all across Budapest.
A mere 10 months after starting to use the required frequency spectrum, Vodafone now covers all of Budapest and the largest cities in the country with 4G, the fastest Internet service. Thanks to the high-speed 4G development of Vodafone, by now 4G is available across 99% of Budapest, as well as in all major cities and around Lake Balaton.
7 September Vodafone Big Bike Challenge starts off: Hungarian bikers ride the length of Great Britain.
Vodafone's 6 Hungarian colleagues also participate in the ‘Deloitte Ride Across Britain' charity bike ride taking participants along the length of Great Britain, from Land's End to John O'Groats. The international Vodafone team, which consists of 115 colleagues from 5 different countries, rides more than 1 500 kilometres in 9 days.
7 August100 underprivileged children on the Ferris wheel in Siófok
Close to 100 underprivileged children are hosted by the Vodafone Hungary Foundation at Lake Balaton. During the full-day programme organised with the co-operation of the Central Beach (Nagystrand) of Siófok, inhabitants of the Foundation for the Protection of Mothers from Budapest and the Primary and Specialist Vocational School of Gyömrő receive close to 400 thousand HUF credited to the Foundation's account from the proceeds of the children's book titled ‘Max is searching for friendship' published late last year.
3 AugustSmart watches offered by Vodafone for 1 HUF
Vodafone has boosted the domestic smartwatch market with a richer-than-ever watch selection and excellent prices, also lifting some smart watches into the selection that were very difficult to access in Hungary.
30 JulyNow Vodafone customers may browse the net using 4G in as many as 35 foreign countries.
Most recent data show that one out of every three customers of Vodafone Hungary who travel abroad also use 4G roaming – announces the operator on Thursday. The number of 4G-capable partner countries is continually growing, and, at present, customers of Vodafone Hungary can enjoy 4G, the most up-to-date Internet service currently available, in 35 countries, including in the regions that are most frequently visited during the summer holidays and/or business trips.
27 JulyUnprecedented co-operation between the state and its citizens for finding lost persons.
A trilateral co-operation agreement is signed between the National Police Headquarters, the Cserhát Rescue Dog, Special Rescue, Voluntary Fire Service and Civil Guard NGO Association and the Vodafone Hungary Foundation. The organisations aims to boost the success ratio of finding missing persons, and develop new methods for the application of GPS and GSM-based tracking systems.
2 JulyIt is announced that ‘Ki Mit Tube', the most unrestricted web competition of all times will kick off again this year.
21 JulyVodafone M2M Barometer: A quarter of companies already use M2M solutions.
‘Boosting competitiveness, fast return and changing corporate operation – these are the key benefits of the introduction of M2M technology‘ – highlighted István Király, Director of the Enterprise Business Unit at Vodafone when presenting the Vodafone M2M Barometer 2014 report.
13 JulyA silver medal and many useful learning points at the Vodafone Cup – Vodafone remains the team's communications partner all through the World Championship.
9 JulyThe Vodafone Cup, organised for the 5th time, kicks off on Margaret Island.
7 JulyRed Mozi: Liza, the Fox-Fairy arrives
In the second week of July, a real delicacy is added to the Vodafone Red Mozi selection: the first local premiere film, one of the most successful movies of the past few years, a production by Károly Ujj Mészáros: ‘Liza, the Fox-Fairy'.
4 JulyVodafone is the world's leading M2M operator.
Vodafone has been the world's leading M2M (machine-to-machine) operator for the past 4 years – as shown by the most recent M2M scorecard survey of market research company Analysys Mason.
1 JulyVodafone offers an extra data allowance of 3GB to new customers.
From July 1 Vodafone offers a one-off data allowance of 3GB to new customers.
30 JuneThis year the 5th Vodafone Cup is organised on Margaret Island.
‘Vodafone Hungary has extended its sponsorship agreement with the Hungarian Water Polo Federation (MVLSZ)' – announces Dr. György Beck, President of Vodafone Hungary and Dr. Dénes Kemény, President of MVLSZ. They explain that the traditional Vodafone Cup will be organised between July 9-11, as part of their successful co-operation scheme stretching back many years.
22 JuneSchool goes to refugees from Kenya
On the occasion of the UN's World Refugee Day, Vodafone Group deploys the first two Instant Classrooms in the Kakuma refugee camp of Kenya, in co-operation with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
8 JuneFull 4G coverage at Lake Balaton
At the beginning of the summer season and at the end of the school year Vodafone welcomes holidaymakers to Lake Balaton with almost 100% outdoor 4G coverage. The good news is delivered by CEO Diego Massidda in Siófok, at the opening of Vodafone's latest shop.
29 MayThe much awaited LG top model arrives!
Vodafone announces that it will soon launch sales of LG G4, LG's most recent top model.
28 MayRed Mozi: Rich offering for Children's Day
Vodafone prepares for the approaching Children's Day with films offering real family entertainment. The Red Mozi selection, which spans several thousands of hours includes many Hungarian and foreign films also appreciated by children.
27 MayRenovations to the Hungarian Interchurch Aid's temporary home in Miskolc are completed.
The temporary home run in Miskolc for families by Hungarian Interchurch Aid undergoes renovations and improvements in the value of 150 million HUF. The comprehensive renovation is completed using funds that include subsidies from the European Union, co-funding by the European Regional Development Fund, as well as donations from businesses and private individuals. The ceremonial inauguration of the building is attended by László Lehel, President-Director of the aid organisation, Katalin Novák, Secretary of State for Family and Youth Affairs, as well as Péter Major, Director of Customer Services representing Vodafone Hungary Foundation, which supports the development and the organisation as strategic partner.
12 MayVodafone adds three new own-branded handsets to its product offering: Smart First, the successor of the extremely popular Smart 4 Mini and two 4G-enabled devices: the 10-inch Vodafone Tab Prime tablet and Smart Prime, which comes with a 5-inch, HD display.
6 MayVodafone Hungary launches Vodafone Wallet, its fast, convenient and safe mobile wallet application in co-operation with its partners, OTP Bank and MasterCard. At the time of its launch it was already possible to pay at 45 thousand terminals throughout Hungary, by touching the terminal with a mobile phone.
5 MayIn its Budapest head office Vodafone Hungary officially opens a Visitor Centre, presenting the most important innovations in mobile technology, along with current and future developments. Visitors can observe the operation of one of Vodafone's most important control centres, and get to know the operative and surveillance processes of the broadband network, which covers 98.4% of the country.
30 AprilRed Mozi presents a dual premiere. This time new films include Last Vegas and Walking on Sunshine – a romantic comedy full of hits from the 1980s.
30 AprilVodafone continues the abolition of roaming charges. From May 1st pre-paid customers can also use their phones at domestic prices in the EU and in a number of other European countries.
29 AprilVodafone's specialists arrive in Kathmandu, the capital city of earthquake-stricken Nepal to deploy the portable mobile network named ‘Instant Network Mini'.
29 AprilVodafone Hungary suspends the advertisements it plans to run on TV2. The company, which, in close co-operation with NANE (the NANE Women's Right Association) actively participates in defending women's rights under the programme titled ‘Vodafone for the Safety of Women', publicly objected to the scenes seen in the episode of Eden Hotel, TV2's reality show, broadcast On April 24th, and the channel's response to events.
21 AprilThe ‘From Page to Sound' read-out application developed through the co-operation of the Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the IT Foundation for the Visually Impaired, which aims to support the work of volunteers reading out news and newspaper articles for the visually impaired, is launched. In addition to kicking off the application, the IT Foundation for the Visually Impaired also signed one-year co-operation agreements with three outstanding and highly recognised educational institutions in Hungary, whose students and employees have volunteered to read out and upload over 300 news articles over the next year to the ‘From page to Sound' website, created for the visually impaired. Eötvös Loránd University, the GNM Theatre School and the Komlósi Education Studio almost immediately said yes to the co-operation, which is a unique initiative even in an international context, aiming to expand the options available to the visually impaired to access information, culture or entertainment.
3 AprilSamsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge may be pre-ordered from Vodafone.
1 AprilFrom April 1st Vodafone Hungary restructures its residential and business Red packages, abolishing European roaming charges, which represents a unique step not only in Hungary but also in an international context.
27 March.Only a few days after is debut, Vodafone Red Mozi gets into the pool of preferred Hungarian applications in app shops.
23 MarchUnder the Skool educational and inspirational programme, Vodafone Hungary hosts 15 schoolgirls for a whole day, to show them the world of technology using playful programs. In the workshop children develop on-line games with the help of an experienced trainer and a volunteer team. Later they have the opportunity to peep into the company's day-to-day work, getting to know about the basics of communication, as well as the underlying technology. They can also view a real-life base station, ad meet female managers working in ICT.
17 MarchStarting from April 1st, subscribers of all currently available post-paid residential packages that also contain mobile Internet access may use VoIP; i.e. Internet protocol-based voice and messaging applications freely, without any limitations, via Vodafone's mobile broadband network offering 98.4% coverage.
12 MarchRed Mozi arrives! Until the end of May all Vodafone residential and business Red subscribers have the opportunity to use the company's Red Mozi service, which was launched with a selection of films several thousands of hours long and still gradually expanding, free of charge.
11 MarchPre-registration for Samsung Galaxy S6 handsets starts at Vodafone.
6 MarchThe company introduces a unique remuneration system in Vodafone Group's 30 international subsidiaries, including Hungary, which allows pregnant women to go on maternity leave and later to return to work subject to much better conditions than what's required by the country they live in. Under the new system each female employee of Vodafone Group is granted maternity leave of at least 16 weeks, subject to full pay, and if someone returns to work within the first 6 months, they may choose working up to 30 hours a week, again for full pay.
2 MarchThe international Vodafone Foundation presents Instant Classroom in Barcelona, at the Mobile World Congress professional exhibition. With the help of the device that can be carried in a box and set up in almost just a few minutes, children and adults can continue their studies even in the largest and worst-equipped refugee camp. The Instant Classroom was specifically designed for areas that do not have reliable power and Internet supply, or none at all. The mobile device is implemented in co-operation between Vodafone and the Innovation and Education Unit of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
23 FebruaryVodafone Hungary extends the Vodafone Office service introduced in the autumn of 2014 with a virtual switchboard and an interactive vice menu service (IVR) for its corporate and Government customers.
10 FebruaryVodafone Hungary's device selection is extended with new and exciting solutions from Samsung that are remarkable both on the inside and outside: the Galaxy A3 and A5 smartphones.
4 FebruaryVodafone Hungary presents Instant Network 3G; a unique solution in an international context as well, which is the advanced version of the portable mobile network already deployed in a number of international disaster situations. The currently introduced prototype of the base station that is much smaller than the original model but has several times its capacity was designed and built by Csaba Pervai and Róbert Tóth, Vodafone Hungary's radio network operation experts.
23 JanuaryVodafone Hungary wins a number of awards in the ‘3 Good Deeds' application scheme. The Portable Mobile Network programme gets into 1st position in the ‘Most Generous Good Deed' category and second in the ‘Most Creative Good Deed' one, while the Internal Full-Time Angel project receives silver medal in the ‘Greenest Good Deed' category.
21 JanuaryVodafone's ‘Pitch Your First' programme is closed. With Vodafone's help, Zsolt Wiesner, the Hungarian winner of the programme can participate in the very first New York Marathon run of his life.
5 JanuaryIn just 2 years, mobile data traffic on New Year's eve grows by 130% at Vodafone.
29 December There is an outstanding increase in Vodafone's Christmas data traffic.
4 December Vodafone announces the launching of tailor-made accessibility fleet tariffs.
3 December Joulupukki gives the book titled ‘Max is looking for friendship' to 60 underprivileged children.
28 November Vodafone's Hungarian operation turns 15.
26 November In the category of companies with over one thousand employees Vodafone was granted the ‘Best Workplace' award.
17 November Vodafone Red ‘Real Dream' exhibition opens.
12 November Vodafone announces family-friendly offers.
6 November Vodafone announces its participation in the development of the Velotrack M2M-based bicycle tracking smartphone application.
5 November The results of the ÉLMÉNYVEZÉREK (EXPERIENCE LEADERS) 2014 survey are published, which show that the best place to be a customer is at Vodafone.
30 October Vodafone Red and BP Clothing bicycle collections are issued, with built-in discounts.
28 OctoberVodafone announces a unique iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offer.
29 September Vodafone is satisfied and happy with the results of the frequency spectrum tender that facilitated the usage of previously unallocated 3G and 4G frequency sets.
25 September Vodafone announces that next to the discounted roaming options, subscribers of its favourably priced Red packages can also travel to the US and Canada at discounted prices in the October 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015 period.
24 September A Vodafone M2M solution provided security at TBS Grand Prix, a solo sailing competition at Balaton.
12 September Vodafone Hungary organises a round-table discussion under the title ‘Internet in the family'. Participants are seeking answers to what parents can do about keeping their children safe on the world-wide web.
4 September Vodafone's Full-Time Angels active in the 2013/2014 season pass on the relay stick to the new Angels.
2 September The Daily Ticket also becomes available in the US.
27 August Sales of Xperia™ M2 Aqua also start in Vodafone Hungary.
14 August Vodafone Max custom-made benches are introduced in Budapest and at Lake Balaton.
12 August The ‘Jeles' sign language teaching application for children is first launched at the Sziget festival.
8 August Vodafone contributes to security at the Sziget Festival with an M2M solution.
29 July Four days, eight Olympians and thousands of visitors: the Vodafone Water Polo Arena closes.
27 July Vodafone makes the dream of Benedek Varga come true, as he can pay water polo with Ádám Steinmetz in the Vodafone Water Polo Arena.
23 July Towards the finish of the Water Polo European Championship, Vodafone Water Polo Arena, the biggest spectacle in downtown Budapest, opens.
10 July Vodafone announces that its MobilNet Basic service is also available with the Europe Daily Ticket, and that at the airport RED customers can again use the Red Pass service.
2 July Full-Time Angels of the 2014/2015 season introduce themselves. Their aim is to broaden the scope of information available to the sight impaired, promote the social integration of Roma communities, and develop the communications skills of children and young people with multiple disabilities.
23 June Vodafone Hungary becomes a key sponsor to the National Theatre of Miskolc.
20 June Vodafone continues to offer Red, Go and Max packages at unchanged prices.
6 June In Görzenál in Budapest, Vodafone builds a world-standard skateboard course.
2 June Vodafone offers 0 HUF per-minute charges to users of its Max pre-paid packages.
30 May Vodafone Red customers can party at the Budapest Essentials festival with half-price tickets and a one-night survival kit.
26 may The application period for the Full-Time Angel programme announced by Vodafone for the 7th time closes. In total, 159 applications were received for Vodafone's Full-Time Angel programme.
14 May Vodafone Firsts – a spectacular wall-painting session takes place on March 15th Square.
9 May Vodafone's latest own-branded handset, the 4-inch, touch-screen Vodafone Smart 4 Mini arrives in Hungary.
8 May Vodafone Hungary further enhances its services to Red customers by offering additional attractive options and personalised extra services, such as dedicated customer service staff called Red Assistants.
5 May The Vodafone Hungary Foundation announces its Full-Time Angel Programme anew.
25 April In its nine Budapest stores Vodafone Hungary offers free sign language interpreting to customers with impaired hearing – announced dr. György Beck, President of Vodafone Hungary.
11 April Vodafone Hungary launches sales of the Samsung Galaxy S5.
3 April Vodafone opens its specialist mobile communications store on the Arrivals side of the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Out of all the mobile operators active in Hungary, Vodafone is the only one present at the airport. The opening hours of the Vodafone Airport store are adjusted to airport traffic, welcoming customers 13 hours a day with staff speaking several foreign languages.
1 April ‘In the next one-and-a-half years Vodafone will increase the number of staff working in the Miskolc Regional Customer Service Centre by 240, to a total of 540' – announces Diego Massidda, CEO, at the event organised for the inauguration of the new office wing.
21 March In the Budapest History Museum the exhibition titled ‘Painters in the Mirror – Hungarian Self-Portraits from the Uffizi Gallery' is opened with the official opening ceremony of the Budapest Spring Festival, supported by Vodafone Hungary.
10 March A comprehensive co-operation agreement is signed between the Slovak National Organisation for Special Rescue Services and the Cserhát Rescue Dog, Special Rescue, Voluntary Firefighting and Civil Guard Non-Governmental Organisation supported by the Vodafone Foundation.
5 March Vodafone announces new, transparent and flexible tariffs for tablet users.
26 February The International Vodafone Foundation presents the ‘mini' version of Instant Network, a portable base station already deployed in a number of disaster areas, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It weighs a mere 11 kilograms, can be transported in a rucksack and be deployed in 10 minutes.
FebruaryTwo additional Budapest districts join the ‘Vodafone for the Safety of Women' programme, thus increasing the number of participating districts to 5.
3 February Vodafone increases its 3G mobile coverage to 98.3% in Hungary, thus reinforcing its leading role in the provision of mobile Internet services.
14 January Vodafone's Firsts programme starts with Fanni Weisz in Hungary. This global programme aims to support initiatives that are implemented using mobile technology for the first time.
8 January Vodafone Hungary wins a Government tender. Vodafone Hungary wins the public procurement tender issued by the Directorate-General for Public Procurement and Supply (KEF) titled ‘The Procurement of Mobile Telecommunications Services- 2013', thus obtaining the right to provide mobile services to hundreds of institutions over a period of 2 years.
31 December Vodafone presents edible and flavour-able fireworks in London. This is the event that kicks off Firsts, a global programme of Vodafone Group.
27 December Vodafone announces that no changes will be made to the prices of its pre-paid and post-paid services in January, 2014.
22 December ICT development worth 10 million HUF and an up-to-date play park is commissioned in Egyházasdengeleg, with support from the Vodafone Foundation.
20 DecemberVodafone announces that in 2014 it will continue to provide Red packages offering unlimited calls, at unchanged prices.
9 December Santa Claus gives gifts to 680 underprivileged children, thanks to the Vodafone Voluntary Community.
5 DecemberThe first stage of the ‘Vodafone Smart Village 2013' programme, a joint project by Vodafone, the daily paper ‘Délvilág' and the municipality of Maroslele, a settlement in Csongrád County, is closed with a visit from Joulupukki, the Finnish Santa Claus. As part of the school and adult education programme titled ‘My Maroslele – from the slate board to the tablet' schoolchildren and interested adults had 30 and 14 lessons respectively to study mobile internet technology and the applications and options available, using the 30 tablets donated by Vodafone Hungary and supplied with mobile Internet access.
19 November Vodafone's small business packages are given a facelift.
15 November Vodafone Hungary's corporate responsibility report is issued for 2012/2013.
11 November A mobile network is built with Hungarian help in the wake of the typhoon to have hit the Philippines. Vodafone Group Foundation's instant mobile network, which is made up of portable base stations, helped the charity organisation save lives, whilst also helping locals reach their loved ones in the wake of the typhoon.
30 October Vodafone announces that starting from 2014 it will contribute 10 million HUF per year to the Vodafone Humanitarian Foundation that supports the work of Hungarian Inter-Church Aid in crisis situations. In addition to the financial support, a team, made up of trained volunteers will also be set up within the company, which will be possible to involve in the aid organisation's work at any time.
24 October Sales of iPhone 5s and 5c start.
16 October Vodafone launches sales of its Office 365 service package.
15 October. The Complex Instruction Programme (CIP) supported by the Vodafone Hungary Foundation organises a conference with the title ‘Success in the classroom – the benefits of student heterogeneity', where they introduce the results achieved over the past few years.
OctoberThe test period of the ‘Vodafone for the Safety of Women' pilot programme is successfully closed. The company decides to continue and extend the programme.
10 October The 3rd generation of Vodafone's own tablet family arrives with Smart Tab III 7 and Smart Tab III 10
3 October There is a price revolution happening at Vodafone with the launch of the Red Basic package, which offers unlimited domestic calls and unlimited text and MMS messaging to domestic numbers subject to regular pricing, now for a monthly price of under 10 thousand HUF. Vodafone has simplified its price plans, making them much more transparent. New packages include Go, Go+, Red Basic and Red Plus.
1 October GALAXY Note3 arrives.
27 September Vodafone Hungary Zrt. Announces the extension of its Miskolc Regional Customer Service Centre in 2014-2015, at a cost of 450 million HUF.
25 SeptemberFull-Time Angels of the 2013/2014 season, Máté Lencse, Nóra Lipcseiné Takács and Fanni Weisz start their work, formally taking the relay stick from the previous season's Angels at the press conference organised to introduce themselves.
18 September ‘Chilli or Mango', the first comedy series in the world only viewable on smartphones is launched with Vodafone's support.
13 September ‘Crossing Lines – Határtalanul' an internally created AXN production is published on the live! 24/7 smartphone website, prior to its nation-wide television debut.
30 AugustThe ‘Maroslele Smart Village' programme is launched, announced in Maroslele by Dr György Martonosi, the Mayor of Maroslele, Pál Marchhart, Deputy CEO of Vodafone Hungary and Gábor R. Tóth, at the 2013/2014 school year opening ceremony celebrating the 180th anniversary of local education.
23 AugustThe music of the ‘Network of the Mosts' is published. The ad music titled ‘Magical' was written by Antelope Kid feat Judie Jay.
14 AugustIn early July Vodafone introduces its VitaMAX Premium Minue&Net pre-paid tariff package, which offers a monthly data plan of 1GB, unprecedented on the local market. During the month of July, the company placed 1GB sculptures, i.e. WiFi stations in busy locations all across the country. In just under one-and-a-half months close to 10 thousand people used Vodafone's WiFi service available in public places, in Budapest, on Erzsébet Square and also in a number of countryside towns.
7 AugustVodafone introduces more favourable mobile Internet packages than ever before.
5 AugustVodafone launches sales of GALAXY Tab3.
15 July In Szolnok Vodafone Hungary inaugurates the first store re-designed in Hungary along Vodafone Group's new international store concept. The store displays a new design and offers new services.
8 JulyVodafone launches its Red Pass service, allowing Vodafone Red subscribers not ‘only' to enjoy limited calls, but also to receive special service at Budapest Airport's 2A and 2B terminals when travelling abroad.
4 July Thanks to the Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the Hallatlan Foundation, a video-based sign language interpreting service is launched, available free of charge to those who need it from the Fiume Street building of the Budapest Municipality's Péterfy Sándor Street Hospital and Outpatient Clinic and Accident Centre – the first public institution to introduce this service.
4 JulyIn preparation for the introduction in Hungary of contactless payment technology, the testing of Mobile Wallet, a solution relying on NFC (Near Field Communications) technology is launched.
1 JulyVodafone Hungary introduces a pre-paid price plan offering a uniquely large, 1GB data plan on the domestic market.
10 JuneVodafone announces the doubling of its mobile Internet plan available with the Europe Daily Ticket, a roaming daily ticket accessible at Vodafone only.
5 JuneVodafone launches Sony Xperia E and SP.
30 MayA unique tracking system using a combination of GSM and GPS technologies and jointly created by the Vodafone Hungary Foundation, the Cserhát Rescue Dog Association and Inepex Kft. is launched, which already helped members of the Association save lives.
22 MayEnikő Sándor and Zsanett Sütő, Vodafone's Full-Time Angels from South Hungary organised an eventful children's day in Orosháza, which, next to the entertainment of children, also had the important goal of raising funds for the Szeged Neonatal Rescue Service responsible for saving new-born children in the region.
24 MayNokia Lumia 720 and 520 are launched at affordable prices.
15 MayHTC One is launched.
14 MayVodafone announces that in the future the company will help small and medium-size enterprises with advice tailored to their individual needs.
6 MayVodafone ran a campaign with Noémi Mondik and the Grafitember.
3 mayVodafone launches the Huawei Ascend G510 smartphone, which has a unique control panel.
29 AprilJenson Button introduces the extended Vodafone Red unlimited service package in Hungary.
25 AprilUnder the ‘Girls' Day' initiative, Vodafone Hungary plays host to twenty secondary schoolgirls in the company's head office to raise their interest in technical careers.
24 AprilVodafone also launches Samsung Galaxy S4 as part of its offering.
AprilThe Vodafone Humanitarian Foundation helps Hungarian Inter-Church Aid's fight against flooding with 9 pumps. The 9 pumps, purchased from funds made available by the Vodafone Humanitarian Foundation offered significant help in the spring in the areas affected by flooding. During the floods numerous Vodafone employees performed voluntary work on the dams.
19 AprilAt the Bahrain Grand Prix, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes racing cars are given a new image.
17 AprilVodafone now offers BlackBerry Z10 as part of its product range.
9 AprilEuropean premiere in Vodafone's AXN NOW selection! The popular film series ‘Hannibal' was already available via the live!24/7 smartphone website, prior to its television debut.
2 AprilVodafone significantly reduces the price of smartphones on offer.
29 MarchThe Vodafone Hungary Foundation, actively working on creating equal opportunities for the underprivileged and the development of civil society, celebrates its 10th birthday.
29 MarchVodafone employees gather and distribute over 3 thousand chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs to children spending Easter in hospital or in a children's home.
29 MarchVodafone's newest premium category shops open in Budapest, in the Árkád and Campona shopping centres and in Gödöllő.
28 MarchThe most extensive broadband mobile Internet network in the country celebrates its 1st birthday.
8 MarchAnother Budapest district joins the ‘Vodafone for the Safety of Women' programme, increasing the number of participating districts to 3.
20 FebruaryBrigitta Kravalik, Vodafone's Full-Time Angel organises an unusual music session for close to 100 underprivileged lower primary school children. As part of the MUS-E programme, the interactive music session was held by Kálmán Berkes, world-renowned clarinet artist, conductor and Art Director of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra.
17 FebruaryAfter visiting several large cities across the country, the art/education programme represented by Brigitta Kravalik, Vodafone's Full-Time Angel is kicked off in the Kőrösi Csoma Primary School of Tatabánya with sessions incorporated into the children's timetables.
31 JanuaryIn Woking, a town in the United Kingdom, the latest Formula 1 racing car of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is unveiled.
25 JanuaryA new Vodafone fleet package is launched for the hearing impaired. As part of the exemplary co-operation between the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ) and Vodafone Hungary, a fleet package has been made available to SINOSZ's hard-of-hearing members since 2007, at special prices. The parties jointly updated the contents of the package, which is now much more in line with new requirements.
24 JanuaryVodafone announces that Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 smartphones have been available from the beginning of the year.
21 JanuaryThe Vodafone Sound Map gets into the finals in one of the music industry's key competitions. At Midem, a renowned international music conference, in the Midem Marketing Competition, Vodafone's large-scale music project implemented in co-operation with Yonderboi, is shortlisted.
11 JanuaryVodafone announces that the Europe Daily Ticket will also be available in the winter.
4 January Version 2.0 of the mobile phone application of the ‘Hallatlan' language dictionary, created with support from the Vodafone Hungary Foundation is completed. The application can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android.
17 December HTC 8S becomes available from Vodafone.
14 December The newest Vodafone Premier Store with entirely new branding opens in Szeged's nicest pedestrian street.
7 DecemberThanks to Full-Time Angel, Brigitta Karvalik, 75 young underprivileged schoolchildren from Budapest enrolled in the MUS-E programme can participate, as a present from Santa Claus, in exciting art programmes at the Palace of Arts (MÜPA), performed by outstanding artists such as singer Balázs Bolyki, members of the Yvette Bozsik Company, and László Fassang, organist and pianist.
3 December The mobile operator's corporate social responsibility report is completed.
27 NovemberVodafone's creative competition open to students of higher education, which welcomes the best ideas for the popularisation of the renewed VitaMax Tuning tariff, is closed. The professional jury finds JackFlash's application material to be the best.
26 NovemberVodafone prepares for Christmas with wonderful bonuses, endless talks and fantastic handsets.
23 NovemberVodafone presents new Samsung top mobiles – Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III Mini.
21 NovemberFrom Hungary three former Full-Time Angels get into the international final of Vodafone Foundation's Full-Time Angel Grahame Maher Award.
16 NovemberAn open-air exhibition focusing on saving prematurely born babies opens in Szeged with the assistance of Zsanett Sütő, Full-Time Angel at Vodafone.
42320The first Windows Phone 8 HTC is already available from Vodafone.
42317Vodafone presents the Vodafone Smart Tab II tablet.
423091 month after the post-paid Vodafone RED service package, a real milestone in the industry, Vodafone also makes unlimited calls and text messages available for pre-paid customers, within its own network.
18 OctoberAt the EFFIE Awards Vodafone reaches the finals with three campaigns in the Services/Telecommunication category, where the very popular ‘Start something new' project receives 1st prize, the Vodafone Advertisement Music Application Scheme gets into second position, and the ‘Fight of Universities 2' project reaches 3rd place.
OctoberIn the competition titled ‘Excellence in Customer Service Award' Vodafone wins gold medal in the electronic customer service category, while in the competition launched by GfK Hungária Market Research Institution for telecommunications operators, Vodafone wins gold medal in the ‘General Customer Service' and ‘On-Line Problem Resolution' categories, which, in turn, wins it the recognition of ‘Excellent Call Centre'.
October 1From 3 p.m. iPhone 5 becomes available in numerous Vodafone stores across the country.
October 1Vodafone introduces a pioneering service package on the market. The Vodafone RED Standard and Super packages are truly the first ones in Hungary to offer unlimited talk and messaging, coupled with a mobile data plan of up to 4GB, as well as numerous extra services. On this day, the operator celebrates the new package with a phenomenal evening party as well.
24 SeptemberThis year it is for the 5th time that Vodafone's Full-Time Angels get into action.
23 SeptemberIn the Kemény Dénes Municipal Swimming Pool of Miskolc the inauguration of the ‘Wall of Fame' takes place, which was made in honour of Dénes Kemény, Coach of the National Men's Water Polo Team and the excellent water polo players of the past 16 years. (For 16 years Dénes Kemény was Coach of the National Men's Water Polo Team, and it was on September 21st that he announced his resignation from the National Team).
22 SeptemberVodafone holds an exclusive Yonderboi concert concluding its Sound of Hungary project in the Ruin Church of Zsámbék, where the world-renowned artist presents the song composed of the ‘country's sounds' for the very first time.
10 SeptemberAfter a number of highly successful Vodafone applications, now Vodafone Guardian also allows children to use their smartphones safely. The Android application downloadable for free helps filter out unwanted calls, text messages and on-line content.
27 AugustVodafone launches the Sound of Hungary project, as part of which it creates the song of the country by the end of September, thanks to its over 90% 3G coverage.
9 AugustThe first Vodafone dealer store in the country designed along its latest business concept is opened in Pólus Centre.
25 JulyAnother Budapest district is added to the ‘Vodafone for the Safety of Women' programme, helping make the lives of women even safer.
18 JulyDénes Kemény's team snatches the gold medal for the third time running at the Vodafone Cup.
10 JulyVodafone's business processes earn international ISO certification, which is presented to Gábor Piller, Deputy CEO and Director of Vodafone's Enterprise Business Unit.
5 JulyVodafone launches its latest own-branded handset, Smart II, presented to the public at an unusual ‘red snow' event.
JuneWith the European Daily Ticket, Vodafone introduces a unique roaming service on the domestic market, allowing customers to make calls and send text messages at domestic prices for a fee of 990 HUF, with 50 MB of data thrown in.

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