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General information

What is Vodafone Voicemail?

Voicemail is similar to a traditional answering machine. Voicemail lets you know if you've received a new voice message by texting you. Voicemail takes your calls when you are talking to somebody else, if your phone is switched off, if you are in an area with no signal or if you don’t answer your phone. This service records and stores your messages in your personal mailbox, so you can pick up your messages at your leisure. You can set the language of your Voicemail to Hungarian, English or German. Voicemail is a basic service, which means that every new customer is able to use it automatically as soon as they activate their SIM card.

How much does Voicemail cost?

Voicemail is a free of charge service, no matter if you pay monthly or top-up.

However, if you call your voicemail to pick up your messages, you will be charged for the call at the rate defined in your price plan (for further information on costs check your price plan).

How do I cancel and how do I change Voicemail?

The easiest way is via Online Customer Service, or simply by sending XHP to 1270 to cancel the service. Or, if you wish to activate the service, send HP to 1270 and your request will be activated within 48 hours.


Greeting and Voicemail signature

What is a "greeting"?

When a message is left on your voicemail for the first time, the following pre-stored greeting will be heard: “This is the Voicemail box of  70 123456”. However, if you set up a personal greeting, the caller will hear your voice and greeting message. We advise you to record your greeting as soon as the service is activated. Your greeting message cannot be longer than 1 minute.

What is a "greeting"?
  • Call Voicemail on 170
  • Press 3 in the main menu to set up your personal features, then press 1 to change the greeting.
  • Follow the prompts to record the greeting!
What is Voicemail signature and how do I record it?

You can make your voicemail more personal with a voicemail signature.

  • Call voicemail on 170
  • Press 3 in the main menu to set up your personal features, then press 2 to change the voicemail signature.
  • Follow the prompts to record the voicemail signature


Voicemail message notification

How do I know that a voicemail message has been left for me?

If you have a new message, the system will alert you by sending a text message: “You have (x) new messages, (y) out of all messages are urgent. Please call 170 from the Vodafone network or if you want to reach your voicemail from another network, dial +36 70 909 0170!”

Voicemail will try to notify you about the new message for 7 days. After this, unplayed messages will be deleted.

How long are Voicemail messages stored for?

Your Voicemail can store up to 15 messages, each of which can be 60 seconds long. Voicemail stores these messages for 7 days. New and already picked up messages will be automatically deleted after 7 days.

What happens if a new message arrives when my mobile is switched off?

If your phone is switched off you will be notified about the new message when you
turn it on.


Listening to voicemail messages

How do I listen to my messages?
  • Call 170 on your Vodafone mobile
  • From another network, call 06 70/9090-170, or if  you're abroad call +36 70/9090-170
  • Enter the number of your mailbox. This is the last 9 digits of your mobile phone number, then press #! After this, enter your code then press # again!
What does "Return a call in Voicemail" mean?

If you have Voicemail, then you can use the “Return a call in Voicemail” service. This is how it works:

  • If you have a voice message, press 0 at any time during playback or after you have listened to it! This way you can return the call without exiting your voicemail.
  • You can return the call, supposing the person who left the message activated Caller ID (meaning that the caller does not block the Caller ID) and if there are no technical obstacles for identifying the calling number.
  • You can use the “Return a call in Voicemail” service if the requirements listed above have all been met and if you return a call to an inland landline or mobile phone number from your own handset (your own SIM card) within the Vodafone network.
  • However, you are not allowed to return an international call even if the calling number is identifiable.
  • If you use the service you'll pay the Voicemail standard rate minutes listed in your price plan and in accordance with the time of the day.


Voicemail mailbox code

What is my Voicemail code, and what do I use it for?

 If you do not have your mobile and you wish to pick up your messages from another phone or landline by calling 06 70/9090-170, you will be asked to enter your security code. In this case you are identified by the code and by your phone number (which you must enter together with the area code 20, 30 or 70) and you will be connected to your Voicemail.

If you call 170 on your mobile to access your Voicemail, you will not have to enter your security code*.

The security code of your Voicemail is a random 6-digit, number. If you wish to access your Voicemail from different phones too, you'll need to change this code first. To do so, call 170 on your handset and follow the prompts of “Introduction for new customers”. 

* Unless you use international roaming and you're making a call from certain international networks.

How do I change it?

You can change your code any time in the “Personal features” menu by following these steps:

  • Call 170 on your mobile
  • Press 3 in the main menu to set up your personal features, then press 4 to change your code.
  • Enter your new number by following the prompts



Voicemail functions

Which functions does Voicemail offer?

 During playback or after you have listened to your messages you can choose from the following options:

During playback:

  • Press 1: rewind 8 seconds
  • Press 11: go back to the beginning of the message
  • Press 111: go back to the beginning the previous message
  • Press 3: fastforward 8 seconds
  • Press 33: fastforward to the end of the message

After you have listened to the message:

  • Press 4: store message
  • Press 5: delete message
  • Press 6: next message
How do I skip the prompts?

 Press 2 while listening to the message.

What do I do if I don't want to listen to the whole message?

 While listening to the message simply press 5 to delete it.

What do I do if I want to leave a message for somebody but I don't want to listen to the greeting?

 Double press # to skip the greeting and you are ready to record your message. 

What other options does Voicemail offer?

 The service offers you the following options:


  • General greeting
  • Message sending
  • Forward messages with a note
  • Categorize messages as urgent, confidential or confirmed
  • Schedule messages
  • Address lists
  • Call notification 
  • Fax and automatic fax forward services


What do I do if I cannot access my mailbox?

If you have not used your mailbox for 60 days then it is automatically deleted from the Voicemail system. If you wish to use the service again, call our Customer Service Centre on 1270 and we will set up a new Voicemail box free of charge.

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