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SIM card activation -

Webes tartalom megjelenítése Webes tartalom megjelenítése

I declare that I have understood the option of choosing an alternative roaming provider (as defined GT&C, whichabout Vodafone Hungary provided detailed information.

SIMPush 1.8.2-r7418-20150413

SIM data
Personal and account information
Choose a plan
Data verification

Instant SIM card activation

Save your time and recharge your SIM card before activation!
So you can call your friend, send SMS or even surf on the internet immediately after the activation.
Top up before activation
To activate your SIM card you are required to fill out the requested data.
Please fill out the fields below.

Phone number on the SIM card

Would you like to keep your number?
Number porting request can be submitted via Online Selfcare on after finishing SIM card activation and validation processes

Last 4 digits of the SIM card ID number

Where can I find the SIM card identification number?
It's on your SIM card; check both sides. You need the last four numbers; count from the right side, from your pinky to your index finger.

IMEI number (if you have purchased a device)

Where can I find the IMEI number?
The IMEI number is your device's product number; it's a 15-digit numeral which you can find under the battery of your cell phone or on the box of your modem, or on the warranty ticket.

Please accept Vodafone's General Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of Instant SIM card promotion.

The next step is to provide your personal information and create your own online account.