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Mobile network coverage map

97.6% outdoor residential 4G coverage* and a continuously expanding 5G network. You can also check our 5G coverage by clicking on the 5G option on the map.

*Calculated as of 30 September 2021 based on statistical methods

What are the different generations of networks capable of?
  • 2G / GPRS network: average download speed of 20-40 kbit/s. It provides digital voice calls of higher quality than analogue voice calls and can be used to send short text messages (SMS).
  • 3G / HSPA network: average download speed of 2-10 Mbit/s. It provides broadband mobile internet. For example, downloading a movie (700 MB) at 3 Mbps takes about 30 minutes.
  • 4G network: average download speed of 15-70 Mbit/s. It supports large multimedia files such as viewing videos. For example, downloading a full HD movie takes about 20 minutes
  • 5G network: theoretical maximum download speed of 1Gbit/s (1024 Mbit/s). It allows downloading large video content, seamless, stable video calls and smooth video games and live streaming. For example, downloading a full HD movie takes about a few minutes
Constantly expanding 5G network

Constantly expanding 5G network

Az 5G alapú szolgáltatás a 4G-hez képest jelentősen gyorsabb internet sebességet nyújt és megbízhatóbb, stabilabb kültéri lefedettséget biztosít. 5G hálózatunk elérhetősége folyamatosan bővül, így egyre több helyen élvezheted a mobilhálózat eddigi leggyorsabb generációját.

Constantly expanding 5G network

Green network - creating a brighter future for us and the planet

Vodafone's Green Gigabit Net network is now powered by 100% renewable energy. From July 2021, only renewable wind and hydro power operates our sustainable network. We are also committed to reducing the company's total carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2040.

What does our 5G network offer?

  • Superfast downloads

    Download videos, movies, music, apps in seconds.

  • Even better quality

    Make video calls in HD and watch videos in 4K quality.

  • Lower response times

    Enjoy online games without lag or live streaming at the same time.

  • Even stronger network capacity

    Share unforgettable moments at larger events, even in crowded places like concerts.

RED tariffs

In addition to unlimited voice calls, we also give you unlimited data on your phone with all our new RED tariff plans.


Go tariffs

Contract-based tariff plans with unlimited social experience.

Roaming abroad

With Vodafone EU roaming, you can use the minutes, SMS and EU data allowance included in your tariff plan while you travel! Find out more!

Switch from 3G to 4G

4G means the 4th generation mobile network. It offers significantly higher download and upload speeds and HD sound quality compared to 3G. In addition, our 4G network now offers 97.6% nationwide, outdoor, residential coverage. (Value as of 30 September 2021, calculated with statistical methods.) You can check the current network coverage on the map at the top of the page.

What do you need to access the 4G network?
  • A 4G-enabled device

    You can check the 4G ability of your device in different ways depending on the type. In most cases, if you can see 4G or LTE under the mobile networks menu item in your settings, your device is 4G-enabled. You can also check the manufacturer's website to see which networks your device can use. All the mobile phones available from Vodafone are at least 4G-enabled!

  • A 4G-enabled SIM card

    If your SIM card doesn't support 4G, visit one of our stores and our staff will help you replace your SIM card free of charge.

  • Enable 4G on your device

    You can enable 4G network access in the mobile networks menu item of your device settings. click here for our detailed guide.

  • VoLTE technology to make calls as well as surf the web on 4G networks

    With the VoLTE technology you can enjoy your voice calls in HD quality. To access VoLTE, you may need to upgrade your software in some cases, for which you need to click here for our guide. HD quality is only available if the receiving party is using software that is compatible with VoLTE.

5G and security

The radiation emitted by mobile phone technology, including 5G frequencies, has no proven negative effects on the human body.

5G services currently operate at frequencies below 3.6 GHz, which have been in use for many years in systems based on 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, as well as in wifi connections. As regards the effects of the used frequencies on the human body, the expert committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Commission are of the opinion that currently there is no evidence of any adverse effects on human health.

During the design and deployment of the network, Vodafone assesses and evaluates the level and impact of radiation in each case in advance, in accordance with the requirements of the country concerned, and then continuously monitors compliance during use. Vodafone will C2 General also operate its 5G service in Hungary i in accordance with international guidelines and will continuously monitor compliance with all applicable regulations.

More information and independent scientific research is available at the links below:

MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Health and environmental impacts of 5G mobile networks

European Commission: 5G and Electromagnetic fields