20 December Advice by the National Ambulance Service with the holiday season approaching
Cold weather, winter road conditions and holiday preparations can all cause road or household accidents when it is vital to get professional help on time. The LifeSaver application by Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the National Ambulance Service also makes emergency calls and assistance faster and more efficient in such cases. Pre-uploadable health data, GPS-based positioning system, first aid kit guide and several other functions within the app contribute to ensuring that the person in trouble receives proper care as fast as possible. However, it is worth preparing in advance to avoid accidents in the winter period.
15 December Video call and AR-based visual assistance at Vodafone customer service
As a response to the ever-changing customer needs, since November, Vodafone's customer service has been providing video call-based visual assistance to its fixed line customers. TechSee's visual assistance system can be a powerful tool for troubleshooting and the instalment of network devices. You do not even need to download or install an app, having a mobile phone camera and a browser suffices. This innovation is another important step towards the digitalization of the provider's customer service system.
14 December Vodafone auctioned the world's first SMS as a digital artifact (NFT)
Vodafone auctioned the world's first SMS as a digital artifact. The message was forwarded through Vodafone's network and received by Vodafone employee Richard Jarvis at a Christmas party on December 3rd, 1992. The message consisted of 15 letters: 'Merry Christmas'. The SMS was auctioned as a non-fungible token (NFT) at a unique event organized by the French auction house, Aguttes. The buyer, who could pay with Ether cryptocurrency, acquires exclusive ownership of a detailed and unique copy of the original communication protocol transmitting the world's first SMS. The auction took place on December 21st, 2021. Vodafone donated the proceeds from the sale of the digital artifact to the High Commissioner for refugees of the United Nations, UNHCR, to support people forced to leave their homes.
9 December Application has opened for Vodafone Foundation's competition with a total prize of HUF 15 million
Vodafone Hungary Foundation announced the successful Vodafone Digital Award with the aim of encouraging and embracing innovators, who offer solutions to the most pressing problems of our society with their digital solutions for the fourth time. Entries for the competition with a total prize of HUF 15 million will be accepted in the categories of digital equal opportunities, digital society, environment, and sustainability.
3 December Hungarian Maltese charity Service and Vodafone made an online guide available to help you in helping
Vodafone Hungary, in cooperation with the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, provided an online guide with practical advice so that those who wish can help lonely people around them. In addition, the service provider wanted to make the smart devices needed to stay in touch available for the widest possible audience, thus beyond the online guide, it also offered Christmas bargains for the holidays.
2 December Vodafone published international research on the future of businesses
In 11 countries, involving more than 2,500 companies of different types and sizes, the London School of Economics (LSE), a Research Institute commissioned by Vodafone, examined the characteristics of Fit for the Future businesses, including their resilience and adaptability. Research has shown that the number of the so-called Fit for the Future companies is on the rise globally. These companies are more effective in addressing the challenges of the future, are more competitive, are open to digital solutions, sustainable operation is important to them and cater for growing consumer needs and changing employee expectations in a timely manner.
25 November Vodafone planted more than 1,000 trees nationwide with the 10 Million Trees Foundation
Vodafone Hungary planted 1,600 saplings nationwide, a significant part of them in cooperation with the 10 Million Tree Foundation, thus contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. Afforestation has begun in 2021 in Budapest and Miskolc, and will continue in several rural towns in the spring of 2022. Vodafone employees are also involved in the plantation of small forests.
19 November Vodafone was among the most desirable places to work at again in 2021
Based on an audience vote launched by one of the most important next-generation job portals in Hungary –DreamJo.bs – Vodafone Hungary was chosen as one of the TOP35 lovable large companies for the fourth time. At the Lovable Jobs Award, Vodafone Hungary also won the Employer Branding special prize in the corporation category. Based on the decision of the professional jury, the Employer Branding special prize for Outstanding Employer Branding was also brought home by the service provider.
18 November Dr. Charaf Hassan appointed as the new chairman of the Board of Trustees of Vodafone Hungary Foundation
The chairman of the Board of Trustees of Vodafone Hungary Foundation will be Dr. Charaf Hassan, the internationally recognized dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics for the next 5 years. The new president will also use his professional experience to support Vodafone Foundation's digital competence development and social equal opportunities programs.
15 November Digital devices against loneliness – Vodafone donated tablets and smartphones to elderly homes
Vodafone Hungary's Christmas campaign donated tablets and smartphones to the elderly homes of the Hungarian Maltese charity service to reduce the isolation of people far from their loved ones during the holiday season. In addition to the devices, the service provider also ensured unlimited conversations and data traffic required for keeping in contact with the loved ones in Hungary free of charge. With this donation, Vodafone aimed to raise awareness of the growing problem of isolation and the role of digitalization in the fight against loneliness.
12 November Vodafone 5G roaming has become available in more than 20 countries
Vodafone Hungary customers can use 5G roaming in 23 countries. In addition to many European countries such as Austria, Italy or Germany, Vodafone also allows 5G roaming outside of Europe – in the United States, UAE, or Thailand, among others. This way, customers around the world can enjoy the benefits of the next generation mobile internet while traveling. Using 5G roaming does not involve any extra costs, all you need is a 5G-capable device.
9 November Vodafone was among the most attractive workplaces in the telecommunications and media sector again in 2021
According to PwC Hungary's survey of job choice preferences, Vodafone Hungary was the third most attractive employer among Hungarian telecommunications and media companies. The result is not surprising, as Vodafone's previously introduced hybrid work can be particularly attractive for young people – the research showed that the possibility of working from home, control over working hours, i.e., flexible, and predictable schedules, are one of the most important factors when choosing a job.
9 November Vodafone has launched 5G-capable tariff plan
From November, new subscription and top-up plans will be available at Vodafone. By renewing its RED portfolio, the service provider will make Vodafone 5G more accessible than ever before. In addition to renewing its 5G-capable, top-up-based tariff plans, Vodafone was the first to bring the free, monthly renewing prepaid mobile data built into the tariff, to the domestic market. The minimum mobile data included in the new TUTI100 top-up tariff plan and the possibility of free conversation make the basic conditions for contact and information available to anyone.
3 November The eco rating system measuring the ecological footprint of mobile phones has expanded globally
The Eco Rating ecological rating system for residential mobile phones, currently used in 26 countries, including Hungary, has started to expand globally, launched by Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, and Telia Company in May 2021. Additional operators had joined the Eco Rating, so a total of 15 manufacturers had been already participating in the industry initiative. The evaluation system makes it easier for consumers to consider environmental aspects. The ecological rating system is now used in the evaluation of more than 150 mobile phone types.
29 October Hungarian start-up agricultural development being tested in Africa
SMAPP LAB uses digitalization to fight pests
Smapp LAB, one of the Top 3 in the Planet and Sustainability Category of the Vodafone Digital Award, is helping the African continent. The digital trap network is being tested in Kenya, making agricultural production more efficient. The data-based innovation of Hungarian developers helps farmers in the effective control of pests. Testing began in October 2021 on the African continent.
19 October Vodafone launches another eco-friendly SIM card
For non-eSIM-compatible devices, the provider presents ecoSIMs made from 100% recycled plastic
As part of its sustainability strategy, Vodafone has made a new, environmentally conscious, so-called ecoSIM card available to its customers. This is not the first such step from the service provider. In 2020 Vodafone Hungary halved the size of SIM cards in order to reduce plastic consumption, and in August 2021 Vodafone Hungary introduced an environmentally friendly eSIM without the need for plastic cards at all. With this measure, the provider intends to support the reduction of its plastic use, thus contributing to the protection of our planet. EcoSIM will be introduced by Vodafone throughout Europe as well as in Egypt, Turkey, and South Africa.
12 October Anyone can join the Women in Technology Hungary Association from October
The organization is looking for applications from women and men active in the field of technology
Vodafone Hungary made an important announcement at the 2021 Internet Hungary conference: the association, founded in the spring of 2021 as Women in Technology Hungary (WiTH), will be open to all female and male colleagues working in the field of technology from October 2021 and anyone can join the organization for knowledge sharing and community building. The organizers of the Vodafone and Internet Hungary conference devoted a whole series of programs to the role of women in the technological field. In addition to other renowned speakers and successful market players, the invited guest of the section was Fanni Elijah, a Paralympic, world and European champion swimmer, who demonstrated the importance of diversity and equal opportunities through her own example.
11 October Vodafone and the Modern Enterprises Programme: Together for the digital catch-up of Hungarian SMEs
Vodafone pays special attention to the digital catching-up of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises. To facilitating this process, it has joined the Modern Enterprise Program of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as an expert and service partner.
5 October Vodafone Foundation expands its e-learning courses with international methods
Hungary joins the Vodafone SkillsUpload Jr. program
On October 5th, Vodafone Hungary Foundation celebrated World Teachers' Day by joining an international initiative. Vodafone Foundations of seven pan-European countries participates in the SkillsUpload Jr. program to share their knowledge and experience and shape their initiatives for digital competence development at a domestic level. Within the framework of the cooperation, Vodafone Hungary Foundation's aim was to further enhance its program named self-developed ICT tools in the classroom, on its E-skola page. Thus, the freely available e-learning training for teachers, intends to continue to support teachers in navigating the digital space, in addition to international methods.
4 October Bright Sky app receives prestigious recognition
Vodafone Hungary Foundation's innovation in support of victims of relationship violence and their environment won the main prize at the Effect 2030 Award in the category of Society of Everyone. The mobile app has proven to be the best socially useful initiative in an intense competition. The award was given by the organizers on October 1st, in the framework of a virtual conference to the most outstanding responsibility programs of domestic economic and non-profit organizations.
1 October Europe's first 5G rail terminal to be built on East-West Gate
Another breakthrough in the industrial use of 5G in rail logistics. A unique technological development has begun at the East-West Gate intermodal station wagon terminal in Fényeslitke. Europe's largest smart rail logistics terminal – the construction of which will be completed in the first quarter of next year – will be the first on the continent to use its own 5G network for internal communication and the operation of technological devices. In addition, the terminal's fully automated, finesse movement capable massive cranes will also be controlled remotely with the help of 5G. The private 5G network will be installed by Vodafone Hungary and Huawei Technologies Hungary, tailored to needs of the investor – East-West Intermodal Logistics Ltd.
28 September Vodafone renews its fixed internet and TV portfolio
Based on a comprehensive research carried out on the Hungarian market, Vodafone Hungary awaits its new and existing customers with a renewed fixed line service portfolio. Adapting to different internet and content consumption habits, the service provider is able to serve customer needs in a more modern, transparent and wide fashion through the renewed portfolio.
27 September Vodafone Hungary has been recognized for its exemplary activity during the quarantine period
The Purpose Led Company recognition was given to the company’s CEO, Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson, CEO of Vodafone Hungary, received the Budapest Business Journal (BBJ) Purpose Led Company Award, which was intended to reward foreign CEOs of a company operating in Hungary, who have done the most for the country and society during the quarantine period. During the quarantine period, Vodafone Hungary introduced a number of measures and discounts that enabled distance learning, teleworking, and a life-saving application launched by Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the National Ambulance Service to provide quick and effective healthcare to everyone.
21 September VR glasses and program help children recover in burn unit and surgery department of Bethesda children's hospital
VR technology is being tested in new areas
The Vodafone VR program has reached an important milestone: VR glasses and the virtual adventure game on them are being tested at the burn unit and the surgery department of Bethesda children's Hospital. Thus, the program's areas of use have been expanded. VR adventure game will distract attention from the pain caused by band-change in burn-damaged children, while technology will play an important role in relieving pre-operative anxiety in the surgical department.
17 September Vodafone replaces its fleet with environmentally conscious green cars
The company has taken another important step towards reducing its global carbon footprint
As part of its environmental strategy, Vodafone Hungary further reduced its carbon footprint. The company began to replace its entire fleet of cars with environmentally conscious models, the first step of which was to take over 106 ŠKODA Octavia IV plug-in hybrid vehicles from Porsche Hungaria. The recently announced initiative is part of Vodafone's local commitment that from 2025 the company's entire fleet would be made up of electric cars only. This is a major milestone on the way to the implementation of the group's global environmental strategy, as Vodafone's worldwide goals include reducing the group's total carbon footprint to net zero by 2030 and extending it to the entire supplier and partner network by 2040.
6 September Digitisation for the recovery of children in need of long-term hospital care – OncoVR helps in Pécs and Szeged
Dr. Sándor Erdős – Vodafone's Digital Hospital Angel – is reaching more and more paediatric oncology departments in the country, bringing unforgettable moments to ill children with the help of the program OncoVR and the Vodafone Foundation. The program has been successfully operating for a long time in three hospitals in Budapest, but widening its scope, the Digital Hospital Angel of Vodafone Foundation has also delivered the virtual adventure game to two children's hospitals in the countryside – the paediatric clinic in Pécs and the paediatric clinic in Szeged. OncoVR sessions reduce the symptoms of anxiety in children during medical treatment and give them mental help in dealing with illnesses, thus providing great help to psychologists working in said hospitals.
31 August Vodafone's 1 Gigabit wired internet is available in 1.5 million homes and businesses
The provider is constantly expanding and improving its fixed network in order to provide its customers with a stable internet and TV experience. Vodafone's 1 Gigabit internet service announced in August 2020 exceeded the number of 1.5 million endpoints in Hungary a year later. Since entering the market of fixed-line services (TV, internet, fixed-line telephone), the service provider has been working continuously to improve stability and experience.
26 August Vodafone 5G network expands in Balatonfüred
The expansion of Vodafone's 5G network continues. After Budapest, Zalaegerszeg, Siófok, Székesfehérvár and Miskolc, the service provider's customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of the new generation mobile network in another big city – Balatonfüred. Based on preliminary surveys, the service provider decided to expand the coverage island – hence, the super-fast mobile internet is available in the most popular part of Balatonfüred – the Tagore Promenade.
24 August eSIM is available to Vodafone customers
Vodafone has been introducing environmentally friendly measures to protect our planet for years. Continuing down this road, the renewal of sims has become the next step. In 2020, the service provider halved the size of its SIM card holders in the spirit of plastic reduction and in 2021 it made the more environmentally friendly eSIM available to its customers without the need for a plastic holder at all.
21 July Vodafone offers more flexibility and a hybrid work schedule
The company establishes a completely new working environment based on the needs of its employees
Vodafone Hungary continues its operation in a hybrid work schedule, incorporating the experience of the last year and a half, as well as the needs and feedback of employees. In the form of a hybrid work schedule, the company provides its employees with a flexibly customizable framework that considers individual preferences and provides the necessary conditions for efficient work. The focus of the new hybrid work schedule is on the employee, who decides whether he wants to work remotely or from the office for most of his working time.
12 July Due to the renewal of the customer service system, services are available in limited capacity for a period of 5 days
Between July 18th and 22nd, Vodafone Hungary's mobile customer service were renewed, therefore temporarily changes were in effect in certain sales and administration processes. The development and system changeover did not affect basic mobile / fixed telephone, internet and tv services, however it was noticeable on online and offline administrative platforms. Throughout this period the MyVodafone application was out of service, as a result, billing management, mobile payment and mobile purchases (e-Vignette, parking, lottery etc.) were also temporarily paused. The service provider's prepaid plan customers were advised to make sure to top up their balance beforehand, as they were only able to do the latter via ATM during the period.
7 July Winners of the Vodafone Digital Award with a total award of HUF 15 million have been announced
Each of the winning projects offered solutions to the most current challenges of our time
Vodafone Hungary Foundation has announced the winners of the Vodafone Digital Award with a total award of HUF 15 million. In 2021, nearly 120 entries were received, of which a total of 9 were awarded: 8 in one of the three categories reflecting the most pressing challenges of our time - digital health, digital education, our planet and sustainability - and a special staff award was also awarded. Among the awarded projects are health monitoring systems, various digital educational platforms, and applications, but the Vodafone Foundation has also awarded an autonomous underwater robot and a solution for the digitalization of agriculture.
5 July Vodafone supports a world-class university course
The service provider backs Columbia University's innovation-focused MBA program
The international collaboration between Vodafone, the innovation consulting firm edUcate and Columbia Business School in New York was initiated by joint problem-solving and knowledge-sharing, whereby MBA students of the university, together with the Faculty of Engineering, took part in a 5-day intensive course. The aim of the programme was on the one hand to raise awareness of the importance of rapid, innovative product development and taking advantage of digitalisation and on the other hand to support students who are working on developing innovations that could later benefit a wide range of society.
1 July Vodafone receives renowned recognition in employer branding in the tech field
Vodafone Hungary received a silver rating at the Employer Branding Award competition of the Hungarian PR Association. The service provider submitted its Tech Comms Employer Branding campaign to the contest, which was based on emphasizing the technological face of the Vodafone brand. The aim of the company is to present the career opportunities, jobs, and positions available at Vodafone for professionals in the technology sector, also to increase the commitment of nearly 600 colleagues in the tech field. The campaign resulted in a spectacular result: during and after the campaign, the number of applicants for Vodafone Hungary's technological positions have increased by some 36%.
1 July Vodafone Foundation celebrates Hungarian Health Day: Hungarian innovators follow Semmelweis's footsteps
On July 1st Ignác Semmelweis, as well as the Hungarian Health Day are celebrated 'The saviour of mothers' brought a revolutionary innovation to 19th century medicine and today many domestic innovators could follow the footsteps of Semmelweis. For years, the Vodafone Foundation has been seeking and supporting initiatives that use technology to achieve similarly ground-breaking changes in healthcare, responding to the most pressing challenges in the field. Vodafone Foundation celebrated these great digital health solutions on Hungarian Health Day.
23 June Vodafone's European network runs on 100% renewable energy
Vodafone has announced that it has fulfilled its commitment to provide 100% of its consumption – including mobile and fixed networks, data centers, retail outlets and offices– from renewable energy sources. Vodafone Hungary was the first of the European subsidiaries to fulfil this commitment, well ahead of the other members of the group: since October 2020, customers of the Hungarian subsidiary have been able to enjoy environmentally conscious, renewable energy-based services.
20 June Vodafone introduced a 16-week parental leave one year ago
In addition to fathers, adoptive parents can also take advantage of this opportunity
In our country, fathers are officially celebrated on the third Sunday of June, so in 2021 Father's Day fell on June 20th. On the occasion of the illustrious day, Vodafone presented its experience with the 16-week parental leave introduced in 2020 – which has since been used by 82 new parents. With the program, the company's goal was to give both parents the opportunity to be present at this crucial time of their lives, thus supporting the process of becoming a family, equal opportunities and maintaining work-life balance among their colleagues.
8 June Vodafone: Data traffic quadruples on educational websites in the pre-graduation period
With the pages accessible without the use of the cellular network data cap, the service provider has made 42,000 GB of data traffic free for its mobile customers.
As graduation approached, mobile data traffic has doubled in March and April on educational sites that Vodafone Hungary had made available to students and teachers without using up their cellular network data cap during the distance learning period. According to the provider, on the sites related to higher education, this increase is even more pronounced: they experienced a fourfold increase as they approached the exams period. Since March 2020, Vodafone Hungary has made more than 50 websites available without the use of the monthly data traffic limit, which otherwise would have generated a total of 42 thousand GB of data traffic.
4 June Vodafone releases Majka and Szilvi Agárdi's song
Vodafone presents Majka and Szilvi Agárdi's song titled Hajnali Fény accompanied by a music video as well. The cooperation features Szilvi's song written for a Vodafone TV commercial. As reflected in the footage, the song is about breaking down barriers.
4 June Vodafone protects our planet
June 5th is World Environment Day all over the globe. On this significant day, Vodafone has gathered all the measures they are taking to protect our planet. In recent years, the service provider has announced several significant environmentally friendly measures, which are part of the Vodafone Group's global commitment to reduce the company's total global CO2 emissions to net zero by 2040.
28 May Children's hospitals are helped by the founders of Women in Technology Hungary Association
For Children's Day, the Women in Technology Hungary Association donated tablets to children's hospitals in Budapest and in the countryside. Tablets were provided by Lenovo Hungary, SIM cards for free mobile data traffic were offered by Vodafone, while interactive storybooks were supplied by BOOKR Kids. Together, the three organizations want to help the pediatric departments of the hospitals by donating the devices. Their goal is to use technology and digitization to bring joyful moments to the children treated at Semmelweis University's 2nd Department of Pediatrics in Tűzoltó street and the Pediatric Clinic of University of Szeged.
26 May Video call feature available in the LifeSaver app
A new feature will be added to the LifeSaver app by Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the National Ambulance Service. The development allows a video connection to be established between the emergency call center and those in trouble. Video call can be of great help to those involved in the rescue process in case of traffic accidents or emergency situations, making telephone first-aid more efficient, also creating a better communication platform for hearing-impaired people in need of help.
20 May Song premiere: Collaboration song by Majka and Szilvi Agárdi released
Vodafone Hungary presented the collaboration song 'Hajnali Fény' by Majka and Szilvi Agárdi, to which a video clip was shot upon Vodafone's request. Special characteristic of the song is that it was inspired by Vodafone's advert music. Technology played a key role in the two artists' encounter and collaboration, which on the one hand enabled them to get to know each other’s work through social media, on the other hand facilitated online songwriting and rehearsals.
20 May Vodafone promotes companies and the public by patronizing innovations
In recent years, Vodafone Hungary has endorsed a number of innovations supporting the digitization of education and health as well as sustainability, all of which have provided great help to the public during the pandemic situation. The company also places great emphasis on businesses. They are constantly working on digital solutions to increase the competitiveness of businesses. All these innovations were presented by Vodafone in an online Press Conference anchored by TV personality / musician, Majka.
19 May Vodafone introduces digital teachers of the future
Winners of Digital Teacher of the Future competition under the Vodafone Digital Classroom Program have been announced. The service provider awarded the first three places and a special award has also been given with a prize of more than half a million HUF in total. The aim of Vodafone was encouragement and appreciation of teachers who have recently taught with digital tools.
17 May Vodafone celebrated World Telecommunications Day with a spectacular video
May 17th is World Telecommunications and Information Society Day worldwide and May 18th is Internet Day in Hungary. On the occasion of these two outstanding days in the telecommunications industry, Vodafone Hungary wanted to draw attention to the incredibly fast changing world history of telecommunications and the importance of the industry with a special video.
15 May Vodafone inspires small- and medium sized enterprises with world famous artists
Vodafone Business organized a five-day event called #ThoseWhoDare, where thirty visionary entrepreneurs and leaders shared their daring stories in order to inspire small- and medium sized enterprises in Europe to recover, to pioneering thinking and to growth. The online event series lasted for 5 days starting on May 17th.
14 May Digitization fosters domestic businesses
On behalf of Vodafone Group a comprehensive study was carried out on the digital development of the economy and society of the EU member states. Results showed that digital development has significant national economic impact. Thanks to domestic service providers, Hungary's digital infrastructure is at the forefront of Europe, but only a small part of the enterprises benefit from digitization. By the end of the day, Vodafone has collected ways to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of domestic businesses and to make them more effective in exploiting the opportunities offered by online space.
13 May Vodafone's Digital Classroom solutions are available at Monor schools
In the six educational institutions of Monor, Vodafone Hungary launched its Digital Classroom, which is unique in the market for enabling a special combination of online and offline education. The Monor investment was carried out with the support of the Ministry of Interior and is part of the government's smart city strategy, one of the key pillars of which is support for quality digital education – in this respect Vodafone Hungary is at the forefront in Hungary. Thanks to this investment, a total of 28,000 students and 1,200 teachers across the country are now receiving quality digital education.
4 May International survey demonstrates the importance of digital competence development
A survey co-financed by the OECD and Vodafone Germany Foundation has been conducted among European students. Heading '21st century readers: Developing reading skills in the digital world' provides an in-depth analysis of the 15-year-old age group. Among others, the results of the research provide a picture of the outstanding difference digital competence development can make in the development of children’s reading skills, especially in the orientation within the information flow that defines our day. The report also provided data for several European countries, including Hungary, which support the importance of the common objective of Vodafone Foundations across Europe.
30 April Vodafone's new smart solution supports data-based decision-making of businesses
Another Narrowband-IoT solution is available at Vodafone Hungary. Smart device monitoring developed together with NaBi Track developers allows companies to monitor their assets without an external source of power, thus supporting efficiency and data-based decision-making. The smart solution by Vodafone and the NaBi Track developers also gained recognition. It was awarded in ’Smart Product’ category in one of the most important design contests - Red-Dot.
27 April New innovation by Vodafone helps the victims of relationship violence
The latest development of Vodafone Hungary Foundation has become available in the major app stores. Bright Sky HU is a mobile app for victims of relationship violence. The application can provide effective assistance not only to those in abusive relationships, but also to those in their immediate environment. In addition to the educational content that helps identify the violence in the relationship and end it, direct contact details of national and regional support organizations can also be found. Bright Sky HU mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.
23 April Hungarian innovators can apply for this year's Vodafone Digital Award until April 20th
Application period of the Vodafone Digital Award with a total prize of HUF 15 million has ended. The aim of the third call for proposals launched in 2021 after the success of previous years was to encourage and recognize innovators, who offer a solution to a societal challenge through their digital solution. Vodafone Digital Award was expected to make life easier for individuals and businesses in the fields of education, health and environmental protection.
22 April Vodafone Group develops lifesaver drones
A successful drone experiment was presented by Vodafone and Ericsson. Thanks to this solution, basic emergency services will be available, the medical use of which can save lives. The experiment can provide the foundation for a number of technologies for the benefit of society as a whole, with health, commercial and industrial transport being the biggest winner.
16 April A milestone in telecommunications: Vodafone provides mobile coverage from space
Vodafone is working on building a space-based mobile network with AST SpaceMobile, which will benefit the African continent from 2023 onwards and will be followed by a European expansion. The two companies have entered into a partnership to revolutionize the mobile network in the equatorial regions. Thanks to this development, Vodafone's mobile services will be available to 1.6 billion users on the African continent.
9 April Vodafone is the world's leading IoT provider, according to the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant report
For the seventh time, Gartner has named Vodafone as the leading IoT provider in its Magic Quadrant report. The 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant examines 18 managed IoT connectivity service providers worldwide. Among those Vodafone is by far the highest-rated in two respects: the understanding of customer needs and their highest level of service denoted as 'completeness of vision' as well as customization and easy access of services also known as 'ability to execute'.
7 April From April 7th Vodafone shops await their customers with standard opening hours and services
According to respective government decree, as of 7 April Vodafone Hungary's businesses operate in full working hours with the same activities and services like before restrictions. There is a headcount limit in the shops, which means that only one customer per 10 square meters is allowed to be inside the premises at a time.
6 April Together we can: Vodafone's new brand position focuses on cooperation between technology and human ambition
Human ambition, technology and their interwoven possibilities are at the heart of Vodafone's international repositioning. Vodafone also introduced a new slogan: 'Together We Can'. The brand's redesign is accompanied by a 12-month television, print and digital advertising campaign which supports Vodafone's belief that technology and society can build a better future.
31 March Easter advice has been added to the chatbot function of the LifeSaver application
As of 1 April, Easter advice by paramedics is also available in the chatbot of the Vodafone Foundation's and the National Ambulance Service's mutual LifeSaver application – so users could quickly find to-do information about often occurring domestic, leisure-time and traffic accidents. LifeSaver application has made the assistance process faster and more efficient through digitization. The application has been downloaded by more than 531,000 since its launch in January last year and has already provided assistance in nearly 3,000 cases.
25 March Da Vinci Media series on Internet Security is available at Vodafone for free
In connection with Digital Theme Week 2021, Da Vinci TV's 'Search it up', which aims to introduce children aged 6-12 to safe internet use, has become available for free in the Vodafone TV Film Library. With regard to the series, Da Vinci Media also launched a contest for the theme week, to which the applications were expected to be submitted by primary schools and teachers implementing pedagogical projects based on the use of the video series. Vodafone Hungary also joined the activity. The school or teacher who had used the series in the most creative way could win a Vodafone portable WiFi hotspot with 1-year of free internet access in addition to the class trip to Da Vinci's Pajama Party.
22 March Vodafone Ready Award-winning company has already helped over 4,800 job seekers
Since the establishment of charitable employment agency, Kell egy B Terv (Need for a plan B), more than 4,800 jobseekers have found new jobs through the platform, who have lost their jobs mostly because of COVID. The special feature of Plan B is that it was created because of the virus itself, since the founders also happened to be unemployed event managers and HR professionals. The charitable employment service helps those who have become unemployed because of the virus situation in the digital space. The initiative has become one of the winners of the Vodafone Ready competition, which awarded SMEs and individuals who were able to reflect flexibly to the pandemic and in connection with this Vodafone Hungary has also supported the operation of the company through conducting a research.
17 March Help under restrictions – Vodafone Foundation e-learning courses help parents and teachers find their way in digital space
Vodafone Foundation made it possible to complete digital competence development e-learning courses for free in order to help parents and teachers find their way through digital space, during the re-closure of schools and the transition to distance learning.
16 March University of Public Service and Vodafone are working on the future of technology-based security
As a consortium partner, Vodafone Hungary assists the National Laboratory for Security Technologies at the University of National Public Service. The department carries out research and development in areas such as technology-based security issues, cyber security and 5G affecting institutions, municipalities and border protection. A letter of intent has been reached between the company and the higher education institution stating that the operation of the laboratory will be supported by Vodafone Hungary in the future.
10 MarchVodafone gave employees an extra day off in March
Vodafone Hungary tried to support its employees in every way possible to safeguard their physical and mental health and safety in the exceptional circumstances brought about by the pandemic. To this end, a new measure has been introduced to support the well-being of employees: in March, one extra day of paid holiday is provided to all employees of the company, thereby offering them the extra opportunity to rest, relax and spend quality time with loved ones. Vodafone has also reintroduced its remuneration guidelines announced in the spring of 2020, which offers financial security to colleagues who have not been able to perform their duties in full, due to the nation-wide lockdown or increased care responsibilities.
10 MarchVodafone stores remained open for business
Pursuant to the applicable Government Decree, Vodafone Hungary’s stores could remain open during the restrictions announced for the 8 to 22 March 2021 period, but only for the purpose of IT services, communication equipment repairs and related customer service activities. At the same time, the operator is asked customers to visit the shops only in urgent matters that fall in line with the above criteria, and in full compliance with health regulations at all times. In addition, during the month of March, Vodafone Hungary also provided free home Internet access to secondary school students, teachers delivering lessons online as well as primary school children.
8 MarchVodafone establishes organisation for women working in the field of technology
At the initiative of Vodafone Hungary, the Women in Technology Hungary Association is launched, co-established with Lenovo Hungary and BOOKR Kids, which aims to bring together women active in the field of technology. By establishing the Association, the operator intends to create a joint knowledge-sharing and networking platform which generates dialogue between the members of the organisation and, at the same time, offers inspiration, mentoring and professional assistance to the future generation of women. The timing is no coincidence either: through this step, Vodafone aimed to raise awareness of the importance of equal opportunities for women on International Women's Day. Anita Lukács, Managing Director of Lenovo Hungary and Dorka Horváth, Founder and Executive Director of BOOKR Kids, join the Association as co-founders.
4 MarchVodafone's 5G network became available in significant part of Budapest
Vodafone’s customers are the first among the clients of domestic operators to enjoy outdoor 5G access in the majority of Budapest’s inhabited areas. 5G has been switched on at more than 200 base stations in and around Budapest. Vodafone has also announced plans to switch on 5G at nearly 300 base stations nationwide by the end of the first quarter, making the next generation mobile network available in additional large towns and smaller settlements.
18 FebruaryThe LifeSaver app has already provided assistance in nearly 3 000 cases
The LifeSaver app of the Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the National Ambulance Service was launched at the end of January 2020. The app relies on digitalisation to make emergency calls faster and more efficient. The social usefulness of the app is demonstrated best by the fact that over the first year it has been downloaded by more than 530 000 people, and it has provided assistance in nearly 3 000 cases. Thanks to its on-going development, new functions such as a coronavirus info button, push notifications and a chatbot function have been added to the app. The app has received several key professional awards and recognitions over its first year, including the ‘Digitalisation Project of the Year, 2020’ title.
17 FebruaryVodafone supported cybersecurity training at Óbuda University
In continuation of the strategic co-operation programme going back several years, Vodafone Hungary supported the training of engineers at the Bánki Donát Faculty of Security Engineering of Óbuda University with state-of-the-art cybersecurity equipment. The cyber defence equipment, which offers the most advanced level of cyber protection, is used by engineering students in their on-the-job training, as well as by PhD students of the Graduate School, for research purposes. On 17 February 2020, the co-operation agreement was sealed by the parties with a sponsorship agreement.
11 FebruaryThe award scheme of the Vodafone Hungary Foundation has opened for applications
The Vodafone Hungary Foundation opened the hugely successful Vodafone Digital Award for the third time. The Award aims to encourage and recognise innovators who, through their digital solutions, offer an answer to a challenge facing society. In 2021, applications containing projects that can make our daily lives easier in the fields of education, health or the environment would be accepted under the application scheme, which offers a total prize money of HUF 15 million.
9 FebruaryOnline training for children on safe internet usage was launched
After the e-learning courses aiming to improve the digital competences of teachers and the digital education skills of parents, the Vodafone Hungary Foundation launches an e-learning course for children on safe internet use. The new e-learning course was announced by the Foundation on the occasion of the international Safer Internet Day. The aim of the online course is to promote the conscious, developmental, educative and at the same time safe use of the Internet, with the help of digital experts and psychologists. The significantly increased Internet usage seen during the pandemic, which is a particularly strong phenomenon among children and young people, made the training even more relevant.
2 FebruaryVodafone extended access to UPC mail accounts until 31 May
Vodafone Hungary extended access to UPC email accounts and content stored in the e-mail cloud until May 31, 2021. The operator discontinued the Webmail service inherited from UPC on March 1, 2021, but access and content was available to users three months longer.
28 JanuaryVodafone Hungary renewed its frequency spectrum in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz ranges
Vodafone Hungary renewed its existing frequencies in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz ranges at the frequency auction organised by the National Media and Infocommunication Authority (NMHH) for a total sum of HUF 49.1 billion. The operator already had frequencies in the above ranges, so at the auction it renewed the frequencies expiring in April 2022 and acquired usage right for them for the next 15 years, until 2037. The re-acquired frequencies are used by Vodafone Hungary to boost capacities for faster mobile Internet services and better sound quality.
25 JanuaryVodafone Group invests EUR 20 million in digital skills and education worldwide
On the occasion of World Education Day, Vodafone Group announced that the Vodafone Foundation would support the digital upskilling and educational programmes of local Foundations with a sum of EUR 20 million over the next 5 years. In addition to supporting education at home, in Hungary, the grant also helps students studying in Albania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The investment is expected to reach 16 million students by 2025.
14 JanuaryPlanned change in the top position of Vodafone Business
From 31 March 2021, Mátyás Dobó replaces István Király as Director of Vodafone Hungary’s Business Unit. István Király joined Vodafone in 2014, and over his 6 years of work, his name was linked to numerous success stories and developments, including, among others, the development of the Vodafone Business brand and the nation-wide introduction of business IoT services.
8 JanuaryMobile Internet usage reached another record in 2020
As in the previous years, the demand for data from Vodafone Hungary's retail customers grew in 2020 as well. This finding is not surprising, as teleworking and home schooling have made the telecommunications infrastructure more important than ever. Customers used the Internet most in the second week of December 2020, when they consumed 63% more data than in the busiest week of the previous year. In addition to data consumption, Vodafone also looked into the frequency and popularity of voice calls and text (SMS) messages in 2020.
5 JanuaryDr. Anita Orbán was appointed as Deputy CEO of Vodafone Hungary
Starting from 4 January 2021, Dr. Anita Orbán held the position of External Affairs Director at Vodafone Hungary, and from January she was admitted as a Member of the Board. The new Deputy Chief Executive has joined Vodafone from the London subsidiary of gas company Tellurian LNG.
4 JanuaryVodafone's small-size SIM cards saved the planet more than 1.5 tonnes of plastic in 2020
In April 2020 Vodafone Hungary announced that it would replace its credit card-sized SIM card holders with holders half the size. The measure aimed at protecting our planet has resulted in savings of 1.6 tonnes of plastic since April 2020. The initiative is part of Vodafone's existing sustainability programme. The operator has committed to phasing out old SIM card holders by the end of 2020.