Budapest, 13 December 2023A Christmas good deed reconciled Gyula Bodrogi and Tibor Szilágyi
Vodafone Hungary's Christmas commercial, starring Gyula Bodrogi and Tibor Szilágyi, two Kossuth and Jászai Mari Award-winning actors, drew attention to the importance of bridging the gap between rivals and working together for noble causes. The characters, played by acting legends, picked up the phone for a Christmas good deed and resolved their long-lasting rivalry between them. To ensure that great reunions were not just on screen, Vodafone offered festive device discounts to those separated by just one phone call. The provider also encouraged everyone to join the Hungarian Interchurch Aid's festive effort to help more people in need – not just during the holidays, but all year round.
Budapest, 30 November 2023Vodafone Gigabit Internet now available in more locations
As the result of Vodafone Hungary carrying out network development works in 71 locations of 8 counties, the 1 gigabit fixed internet service became available in nearly 180 thousand households by the end of November. The upgrade enabled Vodafone customers to experience high-capacity, superfast internet and TV entertainment at homes of 81% of the fixed line network.
Budapest, 8 November 2023Vodafone’s new prepaid card offer with unlimited calls and data
Vodafone Hungary's new prepaid card service, available from November, provides unlimited data and calls for 30 days without any subscription obligations.
Contrary to previous expectations, instead of the inflation-based 22.01% adjustment from KSH consumer price index, Vodafone Hungary applied a significantly more favorable monthly fee adjustment of only 15.4% for residential and small business customers using public tariffs. The company also announced that some discounts for these customers will increase by 15.4% from March 2024.
Budapest, 12 October 2023Vodafone Hungary Foundation provided a Smart Classroom for teacher training to the University of Szeged
On 11th October, Vodafone Hungary Foundation equipped the Juhász Gyula Elementary and Primary Art School in Szeged with a Smart Classroom, which enables digital competence development not only for the school's students and teachers, but also for students at the University of Szeged's teacher training program. In the classroom, teachers and visiting students can learn about the educational use of smart devices during their work and practical studies.
Budapest, 10 October 2023Vodafone and DIGI offer free retroactive roaming to clients in Israel
Vodafone Hungary and DIGI, subsidiaries of 4iG have announced that they will not charge roaming fees to their residential, business and prepaid customers in Israel, helping their communication towards Hungary during the crisis. The free roaming offer became retroactive from the 7th of October.
Budapest, 9 October 2023Vodafone Hungary Foundation launches training to promote the conscious consumption of online and social media content
The European coding week called Code Week, kicked off in Hungary for the second time with a teachers' conference on 7th October. At the plenary session, Dorka Váczi, Vodafone Hungary Foundation’s digital educational expert, together with Janka Sára Molnár, theoretical physicist and character of the HBO Max: The Bridge series, presented the Foundation’s new educational module for children, called MédiaGuru.
Budapest, 5 October 2023Vodafone VoWiFi service available from 4th October
From 4th October, Vodafone Hungary made available the 4G-based VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) service to all customers with iOS17 capable Apple iPhones. It allows SMS and voice calls to be made over WiFi, so customers can stay connected even in places where there is no mobile network coverage or when the device is in airplane mode. VoWiFi offers faster call starts and better voice quality in areas with weak coverage and has the added benefit of providing a WiFi data connection in parallel with calling, so data traffic can be handled while the call is in progress.
Budapest, 20 September 2023Vodafone and Bosch work together on 5G pilot project
Vodafone Hungary and Robert Bosch Ltd. have set up a project team to test 5G-based automotive solutions, so that the leading supplier of automotive technologies and services can also exploit the added value of 5G in the field of vehicle development and driver assistance systems. For the 8-month pilot project that started in October, Vodafone provided 5G private network at Bosch's site on Gyömrői road. The telemetric data collected could reform automotive validation tests in the future.
Budapest, 7 September 2023Vodafone has renewed its prepaid plan
Vodafone's new prepaid plan called TUTI100+ became available from the beginning of August. With the new package, calls can be made, and internet can be used immediately after activation, without upload, as the operator provided free initial allowance. The conditions of the TUTI Monday option also changed favorably. The free 60 minutes on Mondays became automatically available to all TUTI100+ users. Another important completely unique innovation in the prepaid market, is that the annual data reconciliation became sufficient to prolong the sim card's validity.
Budapest, 6 September 2023The TV2 Play Premium app will also be available on Vodafone TV from September
The cooperation between Vodafone and TV2 reached another milestone, as TV2 has made its streaming service available on Vodafone TV. TV2 Play Premium is available from March 2023 on selected Vodafone Hungary TV packages, and from 6th September, content from the TV2 Play Premium streaming platform is available directly on Vodafone TV. In addition to TV2 Play content, users also have access to exclusive Premium content, like movies, live sport events and other TV2 content through Vodafone TV, with just a few clicks, even on the big screen.
Budapest, 5 September 2023LifeSaver has already helped in twenty thousand emergencies
The LifeSaver app, launched in 2020 by Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the Hungarian National Ambulance Service is a joint emergency call app with more than 700,000 downloads and nearly 2,000 calls in the summer of 2023 alone. The app, which has won several awards, introduced new features in 2023, so that emergency calls can now be made from the Hungarian LifeSaver app in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.
Budapest, 28 August 2023Vodafone had given fixed internet at half price for half a year
In the previous years, Vodafone Hungary had seen increased interest in its fixed line services during the back-to-school period. In response to growing customer demand, the company made its home internet services available at half price for half a year. The discount was automatically activated for new fixed-term residential internet subscriptions signed between 15th August 2023 and 31st October 2023.
Budapest, 27 July 2023Twenty percent discount on Vodafone’s most popular mobile plans
Vodafone Hungary supported the collection of summer experiences. By purchasing two RED Free 5G mobile plans, customers received unlimited domestic mobile internet and calls at a discounted price.
Budapest, 17 July 2023Vodafone’s latest cybersecurity service protects against attacks targeting businesses’ mobile devices
With the rise of remote work, smartphones became the primary work tool and cyber attackers know it: the number of vishing (voice phishing) attacks alone rose to more than six times in a year and a half by the second quarter of 2022. Vodafone's service for businesses is precisely the solution against attacks targeting mobile devices: the Lookout mobile cyber defense solution can protect against network, device, application and content-based risks to mobile devices.
Budapest, 26 June 202390 percent of Hungarians expect the same conditions for using their mobile services abroad
71% of Hungarians consider mobile internet indispensable during their holiday, and 9 out of 10 expect to be able to use their mobile services abroad under the same conditions as at home, according to a recent survey by Vodafone Hungary. The survey also found that 62% of holidaymakers have encountered unexpected situations abroad where mobile internet access has helped. Good news for Vodafone Hungary customers: they don't have to miss out on 5G services while on holiday, including super-fast downloads or HD videos, as Vodafone's 5G roaming service is now available in 51 countries.
Budapest, 8 June 2023DIGIMobil customers successfully moved to Vodafone network
As of 1st of June 2023, DIGIMobil and DIGINet Active 50 customers are using Vodafone Hungary's domestic mobile network, allowing them to enjoy significantly higher, almost nationwide coverage. DIGI has also guaranteed the favorable tariff of 4 HUF/minute, which was included in previous subscriptions until 31st December 2023. Affected clients don’t need to change their SIM cards to switch to the new network but may have to activate data roaming and manual network selection on some devices.
Budapest, 6 June 2023Digital adventure game awarded by Vodafone Hungary Foundation
Vodafone Hungary Foundation announced its special prize winners at the closing ceremony of the Digital Theme Week, the largest digital educational event in Hungary. The foundation, which has been associated with the program series for many years with several activities, launched a digital adventure game competition in 2023 to improve teachers’ and students’ digital competences. Vodafone Hungary Foundation awarded prizes in three categories to the participants of the special prize competition.
Budapest, 2 June 2023Vodafone Hungary renewed its residential portable mobile internet portfolio
In response to increased data demands, Vodafone Hungary renewed its residential portable mobile internet portfolio for SIM cards using only mobile internet. The operator's new mobile plan, Mobilnet XXL, offering unlimited domestic data, replaced Mobilnet Start+, Mobilnet Medium+ and Mobilnet 150 GB.
Budapest, 24 May 2023RTL+ is now available on Vodafone TV media boxes
RTL+ is now available on the Vodafone TV media box, making Vodafone Hungary the first telecommunication operator to offer all three packages of the RTL+ streaming platform on a big screen. Customers of the operator can directly access the full range of RTL+ streaming service packages, including exclusive content produced especially for the platform, as well as the latest episodes, current and previous seasons of many popular RTL series and reality shows.
Budapest, 5 May 2023Lifetime Achievement Award-winning actor featured in Vodafone Mother’s Day video
Vodafone Hungary celebrated not only mothers but also grandmothers on Mother's Day 2023. On this special day, the operator created a short film with Erzsébet Ecsedi, highlighting the importance of intergenerational ties and encouraging everyone to work from grandparents once a month – all made easy thanks to Vodafone's portable unlimited mobile internet.
Budapest, 21 April 2023Vodafone Hungary reduced the average monthly energy consumption of its headquarters by almost 80 percent
In 2023, Vodafone Hungary celebrated Earth Day in its new, sustainable office building. The Budapest ONE office building, designed for hybrid working and equipped with state-of-the-art energy efficiency solutions, had already significantly reduced Vodafone Hungary’s ecological footprint in the first months.
Budapest, 20 April 2023Another Digital Classroom opened in the 9th district of Budapest
Vodafone Hungary opened its latest Digital Classroom in the 9th district of Budapest, which will contribute to the digital education of 600 students. This brings to five the total number of Digital Classrooms in the 9th district and twenty-eight nationwide, enabling both online and offline education, helping around 31,000 students and teachers to participate in digital education. The latest classroom was built with the support and investment of the District IX Municipality, at a cost of around HUF 7 million.
Budapest, 6 April 2023Attila Till and 407 Vodafone employees set a new world record for roller skating
Led by Attila Till and Zoltán Szujó, 407 people skated together in the courtyard of Vodafone's headquarters, breaking the world record of 371 people skating together in a row.
Budapest, 5 April 2023Vodafone Hungary introduced a scrollable data frame for the next month uniquely to the Hungarian market
Around two thirds of customers with mobile plans – not including unlimited internet – don’t fully use up their mobile net, according to Vodafone Hungary’s data. This was addressed by Vodafone Hungary's renewed GO mobile plan, which, in a unique market move, allowed customers to scroll unused data to the following month. Vodafone has also renewed its unlimited RED mobile plans: RED customers can share 5GB or 10GB of data per month free of charge with another family member, depending on the mobile plan, thus adding to the data allowance of their partner or child.
Budapest, 16 March 2023Vodafone Hungary strengthened its home TV offer with a new streaming TV package
Vodafone Hungary has added a new TV package to its offer from 15th March, adapting to the ever-changing customer needs. With the launch of the TV HD Extra HBO package, the operator introduced a second streaming-specific package, unique on the Hungarian market, alongside its Filmbox Pro-based package, thus expanding the range of TV packages available to subscribers. TV2 Play Premium content has also been made available on the mobile app and the web with some of the packages in the renewed home portfolio. In addition to the streaming services and optional TV extras, the operator has paid particular attention to expanding the HD channels available in the packages.
Budapest, 10 March 2023Vodafone Hungary Foundation encouraged the development of students' digital competence through a digital adventure game
Vodafone Hungary Foundation has prepared a special programme for one of the biggest digital educational events in Hungary in 2023. The foundation has been at the forefront of improving digital competencies, and since its launch in 2016, the initiative has been part of the Digital Theme Week’s programme every year with thematic activities and competitions. The competition was open to teachers from participating schools until 17th April via the Digital Week website.
Budapest, 1 March 2023Vodafone Hungary and DIGI have launched a new TV channel
DIGI and Vodafone Hungary have expanded their channel offer with the latest cable TV channel of Tematic Media Group, the Hungarian Cinema TV, broadcasting Hungarian films. Whether they were made decades ago or have been hits in the recent years, Hungarian movies offer great entertainment for viewers.
Budapest, 20 February 2023Deadline extension: applications for the Vodafone Digital Awards open until 24 March
Vodafone Hungary Foundation extended the deadline for applications for the Vodafone Digital Award until 24th March. The competition, with a total prize of HUF 15 million, announced winners in three categories. For the first time in 2023, the jury also awarded a special incubation prize. The winning applicant became a full member of the Start it @K&H, Hungary's largest corporate, industry-independent incubation program.
Budapest, 17 February 2023On the Safer Internet Day, Vodafone Hungary Foundation prepared a digital adventure game and a digital playhouse
The Safer Internet Day, an international initiative celebrating its 20th anniversary, was promoted in the month of February with various offline and online events in the member states of the European Union, including Hungary. To mark the occasion, Vodafone Hungary Foundation launched a digital adventure game to raise awareness about the importance of safe internet use for children. Also in February, a Girls' Day initiative (Women and Girls in Science) was run by experts to make science careers attractive and visible to parents, teachers, and especially young girls. On Girls' Day, Vodafone's headquarters hosted a motivational talk on IT careers and an internet safety training session, NetGuru, again with a focus on children.
Budapest, 9 February 2023IVSZ and WiTH promote the IKT sector with positive female role models
The awards of the 'Women over 40 in the digital economy' competition were presented, organized by the Association of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Electronics Enterprises (IVSZ) and Women in Technology Hungary Association (WiTH). The call for nominations was open to women over 40 who could serve as role models for younger generations and women in career transition, and who could also showcase the potential of the digital economy and the IKT sector through their work. Winners were announced in three categories and a special prize was awarded by the professional jury at the gala, which took place on 8th February at EPAM Systems Headquarters.
Budapest, 9 February 2023Vodafone and DIGI made communication free for users in the earthquake-hit area of Turkey
Vodafone Hungary and DIGI, the subsidiaries of 4iG, stopped charging roaming fees to their customers in Turkey, helping the earthquake-hit country. The discount applied to SMS, data and call roaming traffic and was valid retroactively from 6th February 2023 to 12th February 2023. It also made communications within and from the affected area to Hungary free of charge.
Budapest, 30 January 2023Fifty thousand kilograms of carbon dioxide saved by Vodafone cars in 2022
In the spirit of sustainability and environmental awareness, Vodafone Hungary replaced 122 more of its internal combustion engine cars with plug-in hybrid and 100% electric vehicles in 2023. The company began replacing its fleet of nearly 400 vehicles in September 2021, bringing it closer to its commitment to have a full fleet of electric vehicles by 2025. With this action, nearly 80% of Vodafone's vehicles have green plates and are environmentally friendlier.
Budapest, 26 January 2023With the new Vodafone Super WiFi, the internet reaches places at home as never before
Broadband internet can make working from home easier or turn your living room into a cinema – as long as you have good internet access everywhere in your home. Long distances, thick walls, high floors, and the number of devices served can all reduce the strength of the WiFi signal, which can mean that some parts of the home may have very poor or no signal at all. Vodafone's Super WiFi service can solve this problem by providing fast and reliable broadband internet from the basement to the attic. It's easy to install in minutes, and Vodafone One customers got a 30% monthly discount between 1st February and 31st March.