Budapest, 21 December 2022 LifeSaver app can help in emergencies during the festive season
It is a well-known fact by ambulance crews that there is an increase in the number of both minor and major domestic accidents around Christmas, and those who suffer an accident can lose valuable time by spending minutes just dealing with the shock of the accident. Thus, with the holiday season getting closer, it's worth downloading the LifeSaver app, which not only makes it easier to call for help, but also contains a first aid checklist, the opening hours of nearby pharmacies, contact details of hospitals and a map to help find them, which can all come in handy in day-to-day life as well.
Budapest, 19 December 2022 Under the Digital Award initiative, Vodafone sought digital solutions to the current challenges of society
The Vodafone Digital Award, with a total prize money of HUF 15 million, is open for applications again. As before, the jury was seeking entries in three categories - Digitalisation of SMEs, FinTech and Sustainable Energy. Through the application scheme, Vodafone Hungary Foundation aims to encourage and support innovators who offer solutions to the most pressing issues of society and the economy through digital developments. The competition is open to individuals, start-ups, NGOs and businesses between 19 December 2022 and 17 February 2023 via the Vodafone Digital Award application platform.
Budapest, 7 December 2022 Vodafone ONE - Mobile and fixed-line services in a single package offering special discounts and benefits
As a convergent operator, Vodafone has worked over the past years to create an offer that can truly meet the customer requirements that matter most in a package - also offering special discounts and benefits. It is along these lines that Vodafone has launched its Vodafone ONE offer, which provides customers who have both mobile and fixed-line services from Vodafone, with a range of discounts and fast-track customer service. The campaign presenting the special offer also included a unique surprise: in the short video shot for Vodafone ONE, Sándor Révész once again sang the classic song by the band Piramis.
Budapest, 2 December 2022Vodafone employees volunteered more than 3000 hours in 2022
As part of its commitment to social responsibility, Vodafone provides its employees with the time and the opportunity required to participate in volunteering programmes. One of the company's core beliefs is that activities undertaken for the benefit of the community, using its own resources, have a measurable social, environmental and governance impact. As part of the volunteering programmes organized by Vodafone Foundation, each employee may spend up to 4 days a year on volunteering.
Budapest, 28 November 2022 Robots for a sustainable future: winners of the Vodafone idea competition have been announced
On 26 November 2022, Vodafone Hungary Foundation organized the finals of the Green Code - Code for Tomorrow! idea competition in Vodafone's new headquarters, in professional co-operation with Skool, where the 10 teams with the best ideas could create their robot designs reflecting on sustainability issues with the help of professional mentors. The three highest scoring robots measure the concentration of particulate matter, interprets for hearing-impaired children, and helps keep public spaces clean.
Budapest, 22 November 2022Global partnership between Vodafone and WWF to reduce the carbon footprint of smartphones
A global partnership was realised between Vodafone Group and WWF, the World's largest environmental protection NGO. WWF and Vodafone are working together to help the local telecoms operator achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040, actively contribute to the elimination of e-waste and strengthen circular economy on the mobile devices market. As part of the collaboration, partners jointly launched the 'One Million Phones for the Planet' programme.
Budapest, 15 November 2022 Vodafone Energy Monitoring makes it easy to identify the unnecessary energy use of companies
With the help of the metering system, businesses can significantly reduce their energy consumption, as the system offers accurate and transparent information on current consumption, and also triggers an alarm if consumption exceeds a pre-defined threshold, allowing for immediate intervention. Vodafone's Energy Monitoring solution offers new opportunities for businesses to achieve more sustainable operations.
Budapest, 11 November 2022Vodafone is also fighting domestic violence by educating beauty professionals
It is estimated that one in five women have been physically abused by a partner in their lifetime. According to a survey conducted by Vodafone Hungary Foundation, the majority of beauty professionals surveyed have encountered domestic violence and abuse during the course of their work, and a significant proportion of them respond to the issue in a sensitive and helpful manner. As beauty professionals are often the only people isolated victims can talk to in a safe environment, it is important to educate and inform these professionals. Vodafone has developed the Bright Sky app to be able to offer information and support via a safe information channel to people affected by abuse and those around them.
Budapest, 9 November 2022 Hungarian farmers believe that digital technologies are essential for productivity and sustainability
Vodafone Group commissioned a survey in 13 countries in Europe and Africa, including Hungary, on the ideas of local farmers concerning digitalisation, as well as the environmental challenges they face. The survey in Hungary found that 98% of Hungarian farmers are concerned about the impact of climate change on the economy; however, a significant proportion (94%) also perceive digital technologies as a way of contributing to the success of their business management in the future, and, accordingly, almost all (90%) are planning to invest more in digital solutions over the next 12 months. Vodafone Hungary aims to support them with its stable and secure network, as well as its IoT, CAT-M and 5G solutions.
Budapest, 26 October 2022Digimeter: Domestic businesses have made progress in terms of digital presence; however, they were still significantly lagging behind in sales and marketing
Hungarian SMEs have the means to improve, yet, they have stalled in terms of digital competitiveness. Data collected during the past three years of the Digimeter research series show that companies have retained the must-have digital developments triggered by the pandemic; however, they have not progressed further. The research also pointed to some positive trends: domestic businesses have made progress in terms of digital presence and remain in the top half of the league table in digital finance, while still lagging behind in sales and marketing. According to Vodafone Hungary, which sponsored the research, the infrastructure required for companies for their digital development is already in place; however, the digital competitiveness of the SME sector must be further supported with services and solutions specifically designed to help SMEs, as well as expert assistance.
Budapest, 19 October 2022 State-of-the-art network solutions represent the key to competitiveness
Vodafone Hungary participated as a main sponsor in Internet Hungary and Infotér Conference - the two largest telecommunications and IT conferences of 2022. In addition to being represented at the events through participation in key round-table discussions and presentations, the Company also introduced its 5G remote-controlled racing car, created in co-operation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), which was showcased as a special feature at the events.
Budapest, 18 October 2022A breakthrough in the use of 5G in logistics: East-West Gate, Europe's first 5G-enabled railway terminal inaugurated
Less than a year after announcing the project, East-West Gate, Europe's largest and most modern intermodal land terminal has been inaugurated in Fényeslitke. Europe's largest smart rail logistics terminal is the first on the Continent to use its own 5G network for internal communications and for operating its technology. In addition, the terminal's fully self-driving giant cranes, capable of very fine movements, are also controlled remotely, using 5G technology. The private 5G mobile network was built by Vodafone Hungary, tailored to the needs of the investor, East-West Intermodális Logisztikai Szolgáltató Zrt.
Budapest, 10 October 2022Vodafone Hungary Foundation has turned the ideas of children for building a robot into reality
CodeWeek, the European Programming Week celebrating its 10th anniversary took place between 8-23 October, aiming to promote programming and digital literacy in a fun and interesting way. Vodafone Hungary Foundation prepared for the event with numerous programmes, including the Green Code - Code for Tomorrow competition focusing on sustainability ideas, which also contributes to the reinforcement of the digital skills of Hungarian students, as well as the work of teachers and sustainable development.
Budapest, 29 September 2022Patients can get access to hospital care five times faster thanks to stroke
detection app MotionScanFrom the very first symptoms, stroke patients have just 4.5 hours to receive life-saving intervention. The treatment itself and the tests required take 75 minutes of the valuable time of doctors that is always in short supply, leaving the patients themselves and those around them a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes to recognise the symptoms of a stroke. Using artificial intelligence, the system of MotionScan Kft., which has won the Vodafone Digital Award, does the same in just one hour, saving invaluable time for the patient and the team caring for them. Registrations to apply for the software are already accepted.
Budapest, 27 September 2022Let theatre be for everyone
Vodafone Hungary, together with the National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ) and Játékszín Theatre, presented a digital development that brings about a new era of cultural experience. The innovation enables hard-of-hearing people to attend theatre performances without limitation, by adding subtitles to plays in real time, on the viewer's smartphone. The technology was first demonstrated in the play 'Életrevalók' (“The Intouchables”) at Játékszín Theatre, starring István Hirtling and Gábor Vadász.
Budapest, 22 September 2022Vodafone provides the most reliable mobile network in Hungary for data and voice
This spring, over a period of 21 days, Umlaut, one of Europe's leading independent mobile network testing and evaluating companies, measured the performance of the voice and data services offered by domestic operators. The survey, which examined the performance of mobile operators at a specific moment in time, was carried out over a distance of more than 5 700 kilometres, in 20 large cities and along road networks, supplemented by a mass data analysis exercise covering close to 95% of inhabited areas and 97% of the population. Umlaut's survey showed that, in terms of voice and data service reliability, Vodafone Hungary is the country's leading mobile network, and it was also found that Vodafone offers the smoothest web browsing and YouTube viewing experience in the cities looked at.
Budapest, 20 September 2022Vodafone presented a 5G remote-controlled racing car at Hungaroring, in co-operation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Relying on the 5G private network, IoT solutions are opening up new horizons in mobility and through the entire automotive value chain. One excellent example is Vodafone's development of a remote-controlled racing car designed and built by students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) as part of the Formula Student East (FSE) movement. At the test held on 17 September, the remote-controlled car demonstrated the speed, accuracy and real-time response time of 5G.
Budapest, 27th July 2022Vodafone and MobileGap presented a sailing tracking solution based on CAT-M technology
Thanks to Vodafone's CAT-M network, MobileGap's race support system can open up new horizons for both sailing and other competitive and mass sports with high reliability, low sensor-side power consumption and faster response times than ever before. Race&Trace makes it possible to follow the status of sailing races live, using real-time, cloud-based communication and sensors on the boats: the solution makes sailboat racing even more exciting with position tracking, continuous speed measurement, live video streaming and the ability to show the partial results. In addition to the above, Race&Trace is also very important from a safety point of view: thanks to real-time data, it is much quicker to detect when a sailboat might be in trouble, and the accurate location data makes it easier for rescue teams to find the victims.
Budapest, 18th July 2022Administration and sales are now available again at Vodafone
In order to provide a more efficient and uniform customer service, Vodafone Hungary carried out an IT cutover between 11-16 July, which was successfully completed within the planned timeframe - customers have access to all the administration, sales and other special services involved again. Thanks to the cutover, Vodafone customers can now use the new customer service system, which is available both on the self-service interface on the operator's website and in the MyVodafone app.
Budapest, 8th July 2022Vodafone system signals a forest fire before it even starts
Climate change heatwaves are increasing the risk of forest fires, which is a growing problem worldwide. Although tropical and boreal regions are most at risk, forest fires can also occur in Hungary in spring and summer. As flames spread quickly in dry, wooded, scrubby areas, detecting and fighting fires as soon as possible is crucial to protect forests. And Vodafone’s cloud based IoT alarm system is perfect to provide help with this detection and makes it possible to react in a very early stage of the fire.
Budapest, 4th July 2022 Vodafone introduces a comprehensive health insurance service for its employees
From 1st July 2022, Vodafone Hungary has made Medicover Corporate Health Insurance available to its employees. With high-coverage insurance, employees can access a wide range of healthcare services free of charge, up to an unlimited number, through Medicover's nationwide coverage, and employees can also include their family members in the insurance.
Budapest, 30th June 2022 Vodafone on the TOP3 most open-minded Hungarian companies list
As part of its new campaign to mark International Pride Month, the social enterprise We Are Open conducted a nationwide survey, which resulted in Vodafone being ranked among the three most open companies in Hungary with a silver rating. The questionnaire survey investigated employees' perceptions of and commitment to safety at work among large domestic companies. The Open Survey used independent experts to investigate the wellbeing of not only the LGBTQ community, but also a number of minorities in the workplace.
Budapest, 23rd June 2022Vodafone Digital Award winners announced
Hand-orthosis, language learning software and a video call button for the elderly are among the 2022 winners. Vodafone Hungary Foundation's 15 million HUF competition was open to projects that offer solutions to today's most pressing challenges via digitalisation. A total of 118 applications were received in three categories (Digital Society, Digital Equality, Environment and Sustainability), and a Special Incubation Award was also announced.
Budapest, 20th June 2022Due to IT cutover, there was limited access to services between 11-16 July
In order to provide a more efficient and uniform customer service, Vodafone Hungary carried out an IT cutover between 11-16 July, during which time online and face-to-face administration, sales and some special services (e.g. mobile purchase - toll sticker, parking) were not available. The operator pointed out that the basic services, such as home services (fixed TV, internet, telephone), making/receiving mobile calls, sending/receiving SMS, data usage and error reporting via the telephone customer service remained available throughout this period. The operator has asked customers to take care of any necessary matters before the cutover, as they will not be able to fully access customer service during this period. The provider notified customers directly of the changes through several channels, who could also find up-to-date information about the cutover (including suggested actions to be taken before the cutover, a list of services that will not be available during this period, and a list of help files for subscribers to assist with the cutover) on the dedicated subpage.
Budapest, 17th June 2022 'Fatherhood is not just a day' - 111 employees have already taken Vodafone's single parental leave
In 2020, Vodafone introduced a special benefit of 100% paid leave for new parents who do not take maternity leave after the arrival of their child. So far,111 people have taken advantage of the 16 weeks' leave, including one female employee.
Budapest, 15th June 2022 Concert experience for the hearing impaired supported by a Vodafone 5G solution
Vodafone has unveiled a unique 5G-based development with the Music Not Impossible team: using a so-called haptic device, music fans who are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy an unprecedented live music experience. The development made its debut at the Mighty Hoopla music festival in South London at a concert by world-famous Jessie Ware, and it was a huge success both for the users and the performers.
Budapest, 13th June 2022Robots announced the winners of the Vodafone Foundation Scratch competition
Vodafone Hungary Foundation, similar to the Digital Theme Week, has set the development of digital competences as the goal of its educational strategy to support children, teachers and parents. That's why every year since 2016, the educational event has included thematic programmes, such as competitions with special prizes. In 2022, teams of 4-5 people competed in the creative use of the programming language Scratch.
Budapest, 10th June 2022 Vodafone Digital Award winner has already saved the planet from 660 kg of waste
In 2021, Vodafone Foundation's recognition is well deserved, as the Vodafone Digital Award-winning company has already saved the planet from generating significant amounts of waste in its year and a half of operation. By joining, Rakun Box Community members can request their food in RAKUN boxes instead of single-use boxes for takeaway and home delivery at partner restaurants. The company is motivating people to choose environmentally friendly food packaging solutions, as it can take 500 years for the planet to decompose a lunch box.
Budapest, 8th June 2022 Vodafone 5G roaming service now available in Croatia
Vodafone has further expanded its 5G roaming service, enabling customers to enjoy the benefits of the next generation mobile network while travelling in a total of 29 countries in Europe and beyond. Customers can use Vodafone's 5G roaming service in one of the most popular summer destinations abroad, Croatia, at no extra cost with their 5G-enabled devices.
Budapest, 3rd June 2022 The Vodafone Hungary Foundation received the Hungarian Rescue Medal (Magyar Mentésügyért Emlékérem) at the Parliament
The National Ambulance Service, celebrating its 74th anniversary, held its award ceremony at the Parliament, at which the Vodafone Hungary Foundation was awarded the Hungarian Rescue Medal. The Foundation has been working in close cooperation with the National Ambulance Service for many years, and the LifeSaver (ÉletMentő) app, launched in 2020, is a milestone of their joint work.
Budapest, 23rd May 2022 Vodafone revolutionises healthcare with 5G drones
5G-connected drones deliver prepared medicines between buildings at Düsseldorf University Hospital for more efficient care. First, the drones deliver formula from the central warehouse to the children's ward. In the future, it could become commonplace to rely on drones for medical transfers when medicines need to be delivered to hard-to-reach, remote or dangerous places. A 5G network that transmits flight data with extreme speed and minimal latency is key to the safety of these types of flights.
Budapest, 4th May 2022Vodafone's new tariff plan provides even more stable home internet service
With the Vodafone Internet Pro package, subscribers can purchase a SIM card with additional mobile data and an optional Wi-Fi hotspot device on top of the basic fixed internet service. Customers can activate their unlimited mobile data once a month for 72 hours at any time through the My Vodafone app, so in case something interferes with their landline service, internet access will remain uninterrupted even if, for example, construction work, drainage, power cuts or bad weather conditions cause the internet to shut down in the street.
Budapest, 27th April 2022'Can Mum pick me up from school?' - children asked Vodafone executives
Vodafone executives were preparing for an online job interview when the applicant’s kids appeared on the screen instead of the candidate. The children asked Vodafone managers burning questions about how family-friendly Vodafone is as a workplace. The funny, yet touching video in which the executives were tricked was made on Mother's Day to raise awareness of the responsibility employers have to help their employees balance work and family life.
Budapest, 22nd April 2022 Vodafone plants 6260 flowers on Earth Day
To mark Earth Day, Vodafone employees planted a total of 6260 yellow and blue flowers in Kecskemét. Plants in the colours of the Ukrainian flag have been placed to form a symbol of peace. The company has also expressed its solidarity with those affected by the war, while taking a stand for peace and environmental protection.
Budapest, 13th April 2022This is the advice of the National Ambulance Service in preparation for Easter
The number of emergency calls to the ambulance service usually increases during the holidays, but by following a few tips you can reduce the chances of an accident happening while you're getting ready or on the road. It's also worth downloading the LifeSaver (ÉletMentő) app from the Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the National Ambulance Service in advance for faster and more efficient emergency calls if you do get into trouble. Health related data can be uploaded to the app in advance, so it's available for the ambulance even if those in trouble can’t provide it for some reason, and the GPS-based location system makes it easier for help to find us, even when we're out and about. The app is particularly useful for those who do not speak the language or for the elderly, but it can also help anyone who wants to prepare for an unforeseen event.
Budapest, 8th April 2022 Vodafone launches new innovation to improve road safety in Europe
The Safer Transport for Europe Platform solution is able to share safety updates with people on the roads through in-vehicle navigation systems, making a significant contribution to road safety. In addition, the platform may be able to warn the driver for example of a cyclist in their blind spot, or play a role in tracking stolen vehicles. The solution is compatible with all in-vehicle navigation systems and other map applications, and drivers can access safety information free of charge.
Budapest, 4th April 2022Vodafone introduces revolutionary new data technology
Vodafone was among the first in Hungary to introduce the revolutionary new data transmission technology, the CAT-M network. The CAT-M network, like NarrowBand IoT, is a new, modern, low-power mobile network that has the advantage of being able to handle the movement between base stations without interruption. CAT-M technology can play an important role in the use of alarm systems and various emergency call applications, as well as gaining ground in wearable devices and smart meters. In addition to the NarrowBand IoT network, the CAT-M network has sufficient bandwidth to provide a suitable and time-proven alternative for 2G or 3G IoT devices.
Budapest, 30th March 2022 Vodafone announces sponsorship programme for podcast producers
In the spirit of quality content production and consumption, Vodafone has launched a programme for podcasters across the entire podcast scene. As a part of the Vodafone Podcast Pioneers programme, the content producers who applied received audience-based financial support, technological and professional assistance, and their shows were promoted on Vodafone's various platforms. Regardless of the podcast's topic, independent podcasters could apply to the programme at https: //
Budapest, 24th March 2022 Vodafone has adapted its residential mobile internet portfolio to the increased data demand
Vodafone Hungary's aim is to make online presence more widely available by offering the right amount of data to meet evolving customer needs, contributing to information freedom and digital prosperity. The new packages provide sufficient data at a low price, even offering the possibility of replacing fixed internet. The Mobilnet 150 GB + 1500 GB package is specifically designed to meet growing data demand - even as a replacement for fixed internet. The Digital Wellbeing Basic Package 5 GB is a highly discounted offer, in which the operator provides an increased data allowance of 5 GB of domestic and EU data compared to the previous 1 GB.
Budapest, 10th March 2022 A pioneering digital solution for transport: Vodafone supports the digitalisation of
Waberer'sVodafone has continued the digitalisation of Waberer's, one of Europe's largest transport companies: an app developed by technology startup Instant CMR and running on Vodafone's network, separate from the public internet has been upgraded with new features in addtition to the digitalisation of waybills and other documents to take the digitisation of the transport industry to a next level. From this spring, Waberer's drivers will be able to track detailed trip data, route and navigation, driving time and driving style, and to digitise waybills and other documents to send to the centre via closed chat on one device, on an app. The solution has made Waberer's International operations more integrated, safer, greener and more efficient.
Budapest, 9th March 2022 Vodafone honours digital women entrepreneurs to mark this year's Women's Day
Vodafone has long been a committed supporter of gender equality and women's empowerment, and is also a strong advocate of digital inclusion for small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary. In this spirit, on Women's Day, a newly created award recognised the achievements of women in digital entrepreneurship. The Women's Digital Entrepreneur of the Year award was given to 10 entrepreneurs who have achieved business success through digitalisation. To establish the award and the ranking, Vodafone cooperated with a professional partner, Portfolio. Vodafone also presented a special award to the founders of the #nemluxustáska donation movement.
Budapest, 8th March 2022 Applications for the Vodafone Digital Award were open until 15th March, with a special prize of HUF 1 million
A new feature of the competition was that Vodafone awarded a special prize to the best innovation based on 5G technology. The special prize of HUF 1 million and the professional mentoring were offered by Vodafone's corporate services business unit. The special prize could be awarded to any of the previously announced categories (Digital Equality, Digital Society and Environment and Sustainability).
Budapest, 8th March 2022 Vodafone Foundation donated HUF 55 million to support the work of aid organisations, and helped refugees with WiFi hotspots and phone charging stations
Vodafone took immediate and rapid steps to support Ukrainian refugees and people affacted by the war. The Vodafone Hungary Foundation donated a total of HUF 55 million to support the work of aid organisations, including the Hungarian Ecumenical Aid Organisation and the Hungarian Maltese Relief Service. In addition, to provide direct assistance, WiFi hotspots and phone charging stations have been installed at key locations (border crossings, railway stations) to facilitate access to information and contact with family members who remain in Ukraine. The company also gave employees the opportunity to help: Vodafone employees were able to donate money and goods, as well as to volunteer.
Budapest, 3rd March 2022 After IoT, Vodafone has launched EoT, the network of commerce
Vodafone has launched a new global platform that takes the world of connected devices to a new level, allowing users to trade securely with each other. After IoT - the network of things - a new global platform called EoT (Economy of Things) will be responsible for trade and economic connections. For example, EoT enables electric vehicles to communicate directly with charging points and many other devices to trade securely with each other on behalf of the user via Mastercard and Energy Web.
Budapest, 18th February 2022 Vodafone is introducing agile working after launching hybrid work
As one of the pioneers, Vodafone Hungary introduced agile working in several waves, after almost a year of preparation, while already operating hybrid during the quarantine period. Creativity, customer focus and rapidity are now more important market advantages than economies of scale, and the new approach combines these features.
Budapest, 15th February 2022 Vodafone promotes unlimited mobile use with a monthly fee discount
For six months, Vodafone has offered all new individual subscribers a gross monthly discount of HUF 2,000 on the price of RED and eligible Go tariff packages. In addition, Vodafone offered an extra discount of up to HUF 20,000 gross for individual customers who exchanged their 3G-enabled devices for 4G or 5G-enabled phones under the NMHH's mobilephone replacement support programme.
Budapest, 9th February 2022According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant report Vodafone is the global leader in IoT services
For the eighth time, Gartner has named Vodafone as a leading IoT service provider in the Magic Quadrant survey.
Budapest, 8th January 2022Vodafone Foundation launches internet safety training for children
On Safer Internet Day, the Vodafone Foundation launched a free e-learning course for children aged 9-14 on how to use the internet safely and consciously. The interactive online course, NetGuru, was created with the help of digital experts and a popular youtuber, and covered topics such as the security of your online data, your digital footprint and hacking. NetGuru is designed for school use, so in addition to videos, discussion panels and quizzes, it also includes a detailed teacher's guide.
Budapest, 1st February 2022 Vodafone launches a self-driving boat
Vodafone and Sea Machines Robotics have achieved a major breakthrough in maritime transport: the tugboat Nellie Bly has become the world's first commercial vessel to make a 13-day voyage of more than 1,000 nautical miles,100% under self- and remote-control. In just 129 hours of operation, the tug made the Cuxhaven-Skagen-Copenhagen-Hamburg pilot voyage through the Kiel Canal along the east coast of Denmark. Self- and remote-control of the vessel was provided by Vodafone's 4G mobile network, which enabled Sea Machines Robotics' specialists to monitor and, if necessary, control the vessel from their Boston headquarters, more than 3,000 miles away.
Budapest, 26th January 2022Digitalisation has made written texts accessible
A Hungarian-developed program that converts text to audio files helps visually impaired people. The Dramatised Electronic Book Editor and Audiobook Converter (DEX) software is the latest innovation from the Information Technology for the Visually Impaired Foundation. Compared to the previous version, the new development is capable of converting books and other paper documents, as well as image files containing text and PDF files, into a readable electronic file format. To develop the latest version 3.0 of the software, the organisation won a Vodafone Digital Award as the first place winner in the Digital Equality category. The software can be downloaded free of charge from INFOALAP’s webpage.
Budapest, 24th January 2022 Vodafone and Innomed present a remote diagnostic solution based on artificial intelligence
Vodafone Hungary is supporting Innomed Medical Zrt. with smartphones and SIM cards to promote the widespread use of their telemetry ECG system. Innomed's digital solution enables physicians to monitor patients remotely using their smart devices, reducing the time patients with heart disease or who have undergone heart surgery spend in hospital. The development is the result of a long-standing partnership between Innomed and Vodafone. Vodafone presented the device to the public at a special press event, with the participation of the players of the Hungarian national ice hockey team.
Budapest, 21st January 2022The world's first integrated SIM (iSIM) technology in a smartphone
Leading telecommunications industry innovators Vodafone, Qualcomm Technologies Inc., and Thales have joined forces to unveil a smartphone that works with iSIM (based on the ieUICC1 GSMA specification) technology. The new solution allowed the SIM card functions to be integrated into the main processor of the device. With this announcement, the technology will be commercially available for all devices that use iSIM to connect to mobile services.1 Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card
Budapest, 13th January 2022Artificial intelligence-based Hungarian app to help learn sign language
A sign language teaching app, also known as the Hungarian sign language alphabet, SignAll is now available for its Hungarian users. SignAll Technologies Plc., the developer of the application, has won a Vodafone Digital Award to make its application based on artificial intelligence and unique image processing algorithms available in Hungary after the United States and Canada, which allows users to easily learn and practice the basics of Hungarian sign language. The app also aims to raise awareness of sign language and deaf culture in Hungary. The Hungarian sign language alhpabet can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and App Store.
Budapest, 10th January 2022Vodafone employees volunteered 1500 hours
Vodafone has a long-standing tradition of employee volunteering programmes: at Vodafone Hungary, every employee can spend 4 working days or 32 working hours a year on volunteering programmes coordinated by the Vodafone Hungary Foundation. Employees can help organisations doing socially useful work through both physical volunteering or pro bono work. In total, the Vodafone Volunteer Community has directly or indirectly helped 2,000 people through 1,500 hours of volunteering.