Handset insurance

Applicable for devices purchased from Vodafone, with worldwide coverage.

What does Vodafone Device insurance cover?

Device damage

Malfunction beyond manufacturer warranty

Repairing or replacing the damaged device

In case of theft, damage claim is settled by replacing the device
The replacement device can be refurbished or of re-manufactured origin

Lost device

Own contribution for each claim. This sum depends on the value of the device, as described in the Entrance Declaration.

Risking the device on purpose, leaving unattended, or other cases of careless handling

Unauthorized network charges (call, data etc.)

What to do in case of device damage?

In case of theft

Theft must be reported to the police and to Vodafone as soon as possible, but in 8 days at the maximum.

In case of damage

Report the damage as soon as possible, but in 8 days at the maximum by calling 1270

(from abroad: +36-1-288-1270) or for business customers by calling 1788
(from abroad: +36-1-288-1788)

Removing screen lock

In case of a damaged device remove the screen lock and applications if possible (like Search iPhone) before your damage claim.

More information

When and how to pay?

Monthly fee for Device insurance appears on the monthly Vodafone invoice.

Beginning and end of insurance coverage

Insurance coverage starts with the day of signing the Entrance Declaration (when purchasing the device or in the following 60 days).

The insurance is renewed until one of the following events occur:

  • You initiate the termination of the insurance
  • You miss to pay the monthly insurance fee
  • Your Vodafone contract terminates
  • The insurance company terminates the insurance
  • You successfully make 3 damage claims in a 12-month period

How to terminate the contract?

You can initiate the termination of the contract at the insurance company or at Vodafone, in Vodafone stores or by calling 1270 (1788 for business customers).

Assurant General Insurance Limited

The company is authorized in the United Kingdom by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Registration number: 202735. The sale of the product is not regulated.