Choose a VitaMAX Extra to go with the prepaid price plan that suits you best!

VitaMAX ExtraWhat is it?Monthly fee
One+One packYou can talk and send multimedia messages to another prepaid Vodafone number at a discount price.400 HUF /SIM-card
Text packsWith the 25 SMS, 100 SMS or the 150 SMS packs you can send text messages cheaper than what is included in your price plan.
SMS LavinaSend as many as 500 text messages inland to other Vodafone numbers free of charge!500 HUF
5 Numbers Half PriceCall 5 Vodafone numbers with a 50% discount, send text and multimedia messages half price.1 000 HUF
Weekend Minutes500 minutes for calls to other Vodafone numbers on weekends.1 000 HUF
Evening Minutes500 minutes for calls to other Vodafone numbers on weekday evenings.1 000 HUF
Romania DiscountMake calls to Romanian landline numbers and to the Vodafone Romania mobile networks for 39 HUF per minute.1 000 HUF
Important information
  • VitaMAX Extra packs can be purchased with all of the VitaMAX price plans, with the exception of 5 Numbers Half Price, SMS Lavina and the Romania Discount.
  • Due to technical reasons the 5 Numbers Half Price pack is not available with VitaMAX Joker Plus and VitaMAX sCool price plans.
  • Also due to technical reasons the SMS Lavina pack is not available with VitaMAX Joker Plus, VitaMAX sCool and VitaMAX Special price plans.
  • VitaMAX Extras are pay monthly packs, valid from the date you opt in until you cancel the subscription.
  • Upon activation and each month afterwards (every 31 days) we will automatically deduct the monthly fee of the service and send you a text notification.