How to get the Vodafone Perc+ plan?


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with at least 3 000 Ft and enjoy the bonus data of Vodafone Net+!
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Plan details

Top up worth 3 000 FtTop up worth 5 000 Ft
Bonus30 Ft per minute and per text message to any network in Hungary25 Ft per minute and per text message to any network in Hungary
Minute and text rates to any network in Hungary, any time of the day: 49 Ft49 Ft
The promotional minute rates are valid for: 30 days after top-up30 days after top-up
Additional information

The Vodafone Perc+ plan is available for prepaid customers from 17 September 2014 until recalled. In the case of repeated top-ups during the promotional period, it is always the amount of the last top-up that defines the promotional minute rates for the following 30-day period, except for top-ups under 3000 Ft , in which case the current promotional minute rates do not change , and they remain valid for the original 30 days, counted from the previous top-up that granted the promotional rates in the first place. The amount of the preactive topup cannot exceed 6000Ft including the sim card primary balance. In case of preactive top up, the promotional minute rates validity period starts with the service period and available for 30 days.