Serving good causes with mobile technology

As part of its global responsibility policy, Vodafone has established local foundations in 25 countries to support and implement programmes that address the challenges faced by the societies the company is present in. The Vodafone Hungary Foundation launched in 2003, and since then it has distributed more than HUF 1.6 billion in grants among civil partners.

In addition to donations, professional social programmes are playing an increasingly important role. The activities of the Vodafone Hungary Foundation are focussed on two key areas: the development of digital competencies and the promotion of social equality and security for women. Within these areas, they are primarily embracing programmes that are built on the readiness for action of those in need, as this is the approach that will help them change their own living conditions for the better. This is particularly important, as it makes the achievements realised with the grant sustainable in the long term.

Solving complex social problems requires broad co-operation, so by joining Vodafone’s international ‘Connecting for Good’ initiative, we can not only provide financial support, but also work with our partners and colleagues to help make the world a better place by using our mobile technology.


Our programmes are placing the achievements of mobile technology at the service of society, thus improving and simplifying people's everyday lives.

Digital School Programme
School Programme
ÉletMentő (LifeSaver) application
(LifeSaver) application
Vodafone Digital Award
Digital Award
Vodafone Full-Time Angel
Full-Time Angel
Bright Sky
Bright Sky

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Our goal is to make the opportunities offered by the digital world accessible by all, and to enable digital innovation to find its way to both disadvantaged and underprivileged groups. If you also care about these goals and would like to support our programmes, you can do so in two different ways.

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Our e-learning courses help educators and parents as well to develop their digital skills.

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