A human voice is just a click away

You don't have to deal with phone menus anymore: as a Red subscriber, you will be directly connected when you call our customer service. The voice and care of our Red Assistants is just a click away.

Get even more with Red

Remember there are also all the unlimited basics of Red, and the awesome Red Services to cover you!

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Need help with switching?

Keep your number

If you switch from any Hungarian mobile provider to Vodafone we fix all the paperwork for you, so you can keep your number that you have had since high school.

Stick to all your stuff on your phone

If you need a hand to transfer your phone book, photos and else - let us do it for you.

Have any questions?

In person

If you have any questions, visit the Vodafone Belváros Store downtown where our colleagues will be happy to help you with anything.
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