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TUTI100 offers more than 25 data and voice options to suit your needs

Activate your extras from My Vodafone application.

Pre-paid plan that best suits your needs

0 HUF monthly fee
  • 100 MB for free

    Domestic and EU data recurring every 30 days included in the tariff package. If you would need more data, choose from the additional options.

    What is 100 MB enough for?
  • 19 HUF/min

    From Hungary to domestic, from the EU to Hungarian and EU calls.

  • 25 HUF/SMS

    From Hungary to domestic, from the EU to Hungarian and EU calls.

  • 60 minutes for free weekly

    Activate the TUTI Monday option in the My Vodafone app for free of charge, and in the next 30 days on Mondays from 12:00 to 13:00 your calls are on us!

Further details

The TUTI100 tariff package is available for pre-paid individual Subscribers until revoked. Invoicing is minute-based. Top-up is possible before starting the Service Period, during the validity period marked on the package of the Subscriber’s (SIM) card, in which case the period for using the balance is the period beginning from the starting date of the Service Period pertaining to the actual tariff package.

For top-ups from 1000 HUF or above, the balance can be used for 365 days beginning from the top-up day. In addition, every yearly personal data validation prolongs the usage of the balance with 365 days.
Before starting the Service Period and during the validity of the Subscriber’s (SIM) card the subscriber’s account balance can be topped-up until maximum 6 000 HUF is reached in which the starting account balance of the SIM card is also included.

The 100 MB of data included in the TUTI100 tariff plan can be used domestically and with the current roaming tariffs abroad, during any period. Data traffic in the tariff plan is billed in 1 Kbyte units. The recurring Internet option included in the tariff plan can be used until the end of the 30th day, including the day of activation (possible fractional). After the 30th day, the 100 MB of data included in the tariff plan will be renewed and any unused data will be lost.

The TUTI Monday service entitles TUTI100 plan Subscribers to free calls every Monday between 12-13.00. The service is only available for voice calls, nationally and internationally at the current roaming tariff for calls at the standard rate. Domestic standard rate calls to Vodafone and other mobile operators' domestic networks and to domestic fixed lines are considered as domestic standard rate calls. When abroad, the prevailing roaming tariffs apply. The service can be activated free of charge in the MyVodafone app, which must be reactivated every 30 days for unchanged use. Before the service expires, we will inform our customers by SMS of the need to renew the service. We reserve the right to make changes.

The TUTI100 tariff packages can only be used to meet the personal communication needs of natural person users (personal use) while respecting the rules governing these rules, which do not include, for example, the use of a SIM card in a device other than a mobile phone, making automated calls, telemarketing, customer service activities, etc. In the event of improper service use, Vodafone reserves the right to limit or terminate the service, or change the subscription to the Basic Tariff after notifying the Subscriber.

The Regulated European Roaming can be used in case of a stay in Hungary and during travels. During using it, calls to foreign or Hungarian numbers, using SMS/MMS, as well as the data volume used abroad (the sum of data traffic included in the tariff and supplementary data options) cannot exceed the 4-month average of the billing period of the domestic use, as well as during the period examined, the number of days of traffic on a network of a roaming partner of a country, subject to the regulation, cannot exceed the numbers of days of traffic on the network of Vodafone Hungary (fair use).

If the conditions of fair use are not met or if the Subscriber does not change the usage pattern for their actual consumption or presence within two weeks after the warning has been made, Service Provider shall be entitled to apply the surcharge pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 531/2012 beginning from the date of warning.

For detailed terms and conditions and information, visit our stores, check point B/1.1, 1.3 and 5 of General Terms and Conditions - Charges, at the and websites and by calling 1270.

Calling 1270 in Hungary and from the EU is free of charge.